Translation of battle cry in Spanish:

battle cry

grito de guerra, n.


  • 1

    grito de guerra masculine
    • The crowd of soldiers cheered and cried out their battle cry.
    • She yelled out a battle cry, and charged off after everyone else.
    • Then they heard a loud yell, almost like a battle cry, but they couldn't quit make it out.
    • Mordon turned his horse around then shouted a battle cry.
    • Someone was shouting and someone was yelling a battle cry.
    • With a rousing battle cry, thousands of Linoan soldiers ran forward to fight for their families.
    • Every confederate soldier gave a loud battle cry and with their muskets, pistols, and sabers raised, they ran toward the Union army.
    • Both hunters quickly mounted and shouted a barbaric battle cry to their enemies.
    • I yelled out my battle cry and jumped across the board, landing on Melanie and flattening her to the ground.
    • The men charged forward and yelled their battle cry as they sprinted down the slope.
    • He was waiting for a shout from his guards, a battle cry, but nothing came from behind him.
    • As one who stood in the midst of the battlefields of that war, I can tell you that our battle cry had nothing to do with race or sexuality; no, it was about the music.
    • With that being said, all the other generals, and even the guards shouted the battle cry, confident of the victory in upcoming battles.
    • Then Ryane's army charged, yelling a different battle cry, one more valiant and brave.
    • He wipes at his mouth and yells out in a battle cry, rushing at Zack.
    • The captain of his flagship, RSS Tarus, was heard whooping a battle cry through the com unit.
    • Peter, who was squinting from all the dust and gun smoke, was yelling a battle cry as he fired upon them.
    • They were shouting what sounded like a battle cry.
    • With those words, all of the men let out a battle cry, and ran towards other houses.
    • But those words were like a battle cry ringing inside my head.