Translation of battlefront in Spanish:


frente de batalla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbat(ə)lfrʌnt//ˈbædlˌfrənt/


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    frente de batalla masculine
    • Today's wars, often kindled by ethnic hatred, are not fought on battlefronts, but in the midst of civilian populations.
    • The Gurkha regiments suffered tens of thousands of casualties on farflung British battlefronts in both world wars.
    • Soldiers on the battlefront have to work hard to ensure peace in the country.
    • When the elder brother enlisted in World War II, he observed the way that poorly educated soldiers were more likely to be sent to the battlefront.
    • In any event, he said, the result is certain to fall short of the freedom enjoyed by reporters in Viet Nam, when they were often free to roam the countryside and routinely hitched rides to the battlefront on US Army helicopters.
    • It is hardly surprising, then, that fresh criticism of the plan surfaced as soon as serious problems arose on the battlefront.
    • We are engaged worldwide, on the battlefronts of this war and conducting operations vital to our national interests.
    • The intelligence officer reported that only light flak could be expected over the battlefront along the Rhine River.
    • The author's thorough and captivating depiction of nursing from stateside general hospitals to overseas battlefronts surpasses all expectations.
    • As a counselor, he uses his own experiences to help in the rehabilitation of many youth who have been on the battlefronts.
    • Finding him has not been easy and, last night's disclosure notwithstanding, the reports from the battlefront are as contradictory as the briefings from Washington and London.
    • Thee will be other battlefronts outside Afghanistan.
    • We are stuck with the world we have lost, as news of the latest Homeric disaster emerges from the battlefronts of Mesopotamia.
    • Gen. Charles J. Bailey, commanding officer of the 81st Infantry Division, returned from inspecting the French and British battlefronts of Europe in early 1918.
    • I was sixteen years of age when the war commenced and having followed, insofar as bulletins from the battlefronts revealed, fortunes of the opposing forces, advances here, retreats there, I developed a keen interest in the outcome.
    • Additionally, the 310th provided important weather information and almost instantaneous missile warning to the battlefront.
    • With their father at the Civil War battlefront, and their saintly mother, Marmee, as they called her, working to support her family, the holiday would be void of many of its traditional pleasures.
    • It is our loved ones who will be on the battlefront.
    • I've been in combat so many times, the battlefront is like home to me.
    • This global war on terrorism, although unique for Americans because its battlefronts include not only far-off places like Afghanistan and the Philippines but our own homeland, emphasizes the important role of the Army Reserve.