Translation of bayonet in Spanish:


bayoneta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪənɪt//ˌbeɪəˈnɛt//ˈbeɪənət/


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    bayoneta feminine
    before noun bayonet charge carga a la bayoneta feminine
    • The sentry called for help and was soon joined by eight soldiers who formed a semicircle and tried to keep the crowd at bay with their loaded muskets and fixed bayonets.
    • As I tried the feel of a used $129.95 Polish assault rifle with a handy bayonet, the seller beamed.
    • A crossbow, rifles, swords and bayonets were some of the items collected at police stations across the region.
    • Under heavy fire from artillery, aircraft, machine guns and rifles and with bayonets in hand and yelling wildly, they charged into history.
    • They include a crossbow, rifles, swords, bayonets, handguns and pistols, 340 rounds of ammunition and an Oriental-style throwing star.
    • At 5: 30 P.M. local time, truckloads of soldiers carrying rifles with fixed bayonets surrounded the county courthouse and City Hall.
    • The eight riflemen, without ammunition but still supporting the machine gun, fixed bayonets and waited.
    • Finally, the Federals ran out of ammunition and turned to fighting hand-to-hand with bayonets, scrambling through the forest and the underbrush.
    • He was busy making Colts, bayonets, rifles, and pistols to send to Major General Hardee.
    • In the future, there will be smart bombs and bayonets.
    • The collection included a semi-automatic Beretta pistol, blank-firing pistols, several air rifles, a flail and a large number of samurai-type swords, bayonets, knives, machetes and crossbows with bolts.
    • Other lethal weapons such as swords, bayonets, crossbows and knives have also been surrendered.
    • He removed his bayonet from his rifle, and was using it as a combat knife now, since a rifle would be too cumbersome.
    • I examined the assortment of small arms, grenades and bayonets used in hand-to-hand encounters.
    • The list of available arms has been expanded with several additions plus the ability to affix bayonets to rifles.
    • Immediately after sunrise the Sergeant of the Guard collected the heavy bunch of gate keys from the Governor's house and, accompanied by troops with rifles and fixed bayonets, proceeded to open each gate in turn and lower its drawbridge.
    • Bucher saw what looked like a boarding party, with helmets, vests and rifles with bayonets, transferring from one ship to another.
    • The loaded machine gun was reportedly discovered along with six bayonets and a sniper rifle in packages marked as computer equipment.
    • Prussian military rifles first mounted sword bayonets in 1787 and the armies of most other countries followed suit over the following 30 or 40 years.
    • I remember being in the car with my father and seeing soldiers on the street with bayonets fixed on their rifles.
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    bayoneta feminine
    before noun bayonet holder portalámparas de bayoneta masculine

transitive verbbayoneting, bayoneted

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    herir con bayoneta
    (kill) matar con bayoneta