Translation of beach bum in Spanish:

beach bum



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    chico que pasa todo el día haciendo surf en la playa
    • You'd better revise for your GCSE's man or you'll end up a beach bum.
    • Surfing has even taken off in Germany, where beach bums can get excited about waves on the Isar river in Munich that get up to a meter, a mere ripple compared with the action in the ocean.
    • Fresh from California, this beach bum turned waiter was one of the most friendly, open people I'd met.
    • When I see the occasional aircraft flying over the blue South Pacific, I'm kinda glad Larry lived to become one of the greats in a long line of Australian beach bums.
    • Skip ahead six months and the couple have retired and live listlessly as beach bums.
    • If you give a beach bum fifty baht to feed the elephants, and there isn't a trunk in sight, don't be too surprised if the guy disappears into the nearest bar to buy a beer.
    • These six macho guys look like your local beach bums in their faded jeans and check shirts or vests.
    • If you've ever considered being a beach bum, Jamaica is the perfect place to start.
    • ‘Between the wars, I was basically a beach bum, and I wanted to find a way to work but not work, so I joined the merchant marines,’ Gold explains.
    • An amalgam of laid-back Carribean beach bum and win-at-all costs New Yorker, his recognition of both traits means he has managed to channel them both positively.
    • Hardly a lighthearted Californian beach bum, Jem is in fact Welsh and has been writing songs since she was 13.
    • The streets are full of beach bums and the (small, pebbly) beaches are full of jellyfish.
    • Beltran's music summons thoughts of beach bums gazing at the sunset, but it's got enough bump and hustle to pack the dance floor, too.
    • Ima had bleach blonde hair, was a bit taller than me, and was beautiful in that beach bum, surfer chick way.
    • In the early Seventies he found himself in Key West, then a lazy fishing and beach bum community at the southernmost tip of Florida, 90 miles from Cuba.
    • He's also a lanky kid with the laid-back demeanor of a California beach bum.
    • Don't get me wrong, I'm not some spoiled Southern California beach bum.
    • With his glasses, he probably looked more like the beach bum who taught an evening class.
    • He is as threatening as a beach bum after a heavy night.
    • They had about forty minutes left before they had to go home, so everyone just hung around like beach bums on the sand.