Translation of beaker in Spanish:


vaso de precipitados, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbiːkə//ˈbikər/


  • 1

    vaso de precipitados masculine
    • In the milking process, a snake is prompted to bite through a latex membrane stretched over a glass beaker.
    • I'd anticipated him working inside a Back-To-The-Future kind of laboratory with bubbling beakers, coiled yellow electrical wire, and a suffocating sense of disarray.
    • One demonstration included three beakers, each containing the contents of a red, green or blue glow stick, and each luminescing one of those three colors of light.
    • At the first leaf stage they were removed from the dishes and carefully threaded through thin glass tubes suspended from the lids of 600 ml beakers containing culture solution at pH 5.6.
    • Magnifying glasses, beakers and magnets were the order of the day at the opening of St. Saviour's National School science room.
    • On the north side of the room was Dipper's Magic shop, which was rather humble, comprising only a few shelves behind a counter upon which rested beakers and glass containers of what Doremi recognized were common spell components.
    • Inside the room-sized locker they built a virtual laboratory - complete with beakers, funnels, jars, glass tubes, transfer pumps and vats of chemicals.
    • The Australian pair, with established reputations as musicians and composers, use a chemistry set of test tubes, Bunsen burner, pipettes, beakers and bowls rather than an orchestra for their musical performance.
    • I put my books on my lab table in chemistry, being careful not to knock over any of the glass beakers that were sitting out.
    • This experiment involved a Bunsen burner, glass beakers, and a chemical, among other things.
    • An aliquot of whole blood was taken in a sterilized flat bottom 25 ml glass beaker.
    • Faraday pressurized chlorine gas inside a curved glass tube that was submerged at one end in a beaker of crushed ice.
    • She remained quiet as she poured the water into the clear glass beaker.
    • The silanized coverslips were held in a glass beaker covered with aluminum foil for up to 5 days.
    • By turning the screw he could bring the level of mercury inside the glass beaker up just high enough to touch the point of an ivory pin set there to mark zero on the scale, allowing, each time, an accurate reading at the top.
    • Root tips were cut, placed in a beaker filled with ice water, and transferred to the laboratory.
    • The halls of the Science department were decorated with stuffed animals, molecular models, and beakers of chemicals, all behind glass displays.
    • She shouted over the explosion of several glass beakers.
    • He pulled down a clear bottle filled with a crystal clear liquid and poured it into a glass beaker while, at the same time, he poured a light blue bottle into the same jar.
    • Irradiation was carried out under permanent stirring in glass beakers covered with fused silica plates.
  • 2British

    (gen alta y sin asa) taza feminine
    • We haven't felt this flustered since our last hot bath and a large beaker of glowing Absinthe.
    • I carefully lifted the tiny beaker to Ash's mouth and poured it in, then covering his mouth and nose, forcing him to halfheartedly swallow it.
    • I sat, and as my eyes grew strong again, she glided from shelf to chest, and came back with a pottery pitcher and two tiny silver beakers.
    • We had been pre-warned that there wasn't an interval in the show so we'd have to take our pre-show drinks in plastic beakers.
    • Dental health experts are urging parents to switch from a bottle to beakers as soon as their babies have teeth.
    • When they heard that he worked on a trawler they opened the bottle and poured a teaspoonful into a beaker adding hot water.
    • Basically, this consists of a large metal beaker and matching glass, the two of which can be jammed together when you come to whoosh up your ingredients.
    • When it was their turn to be served, the pharmacist gave them each a plastic beaker filled with liquid, which they greedily consumed.
    • The stranger knocked back half the beaker, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and coughed heavily for long enough that the barman flicked him a worried glance.
    • A clock ticked, the undrinkable coffee went cold in the plastic beaker.
    • After that I drove home for a little doze and then enjoyed a couple of beakers at the Royal.
    • Linking our fingers, we brought our mugs against theirs with such force that their beakers shattered.
    • She lifted her plastic beaker to me ‘I guess this is the last time then.’
    • Pilate splashed some wine into a big beaker and brought the vessel up to Ivan's lips.
    • Those revellers who'd brought their own champagne stood around and toasted 2004 in plastic beakers.
    • What's more, it's fantastic late at night when you're with other Stones fans and you've had a few cleansing beakers.
    • Spend all day in bed tomorrow, in the dark, with the windows shut and only a plastic beaker of water for nourishment, and you'll be fine.
    • Bath toys - a few cups or beakers for demonstrating how to pour will liven up bathtime.
    • Shapes and patterns - use upturned plastic beakers, egg cups or food storage boxes to press out shapes from a piece of rolled-out dough.
    • And because there's also a ban on juice cartons and glass bottles, children bring drinks to school in reusable beakers ever day.