Translation of beast in Spanish:


bestia, n.

Pronunciation /bist//biːst/


  • 1

    bestia feminine
    fiera feminine
    beast of burden bestia / animal de carga masculine
    • A team from the farm and the auction mart spent several hours giving the beasts a wash and brush up before the sale on Tuesday.
    • These are intelligent but domesticated beasts which have a telepathic link with their human riders, who are colonists on a distant planet.
    • We conducted an impromptu windfall apple hunt, nearly as much fun as an Easter Egg hunt, and went to feed the greedy beasts.
    • According to him, this beast was quite an attraction at the farm and he said its presence will be missed.
    • These ancient, wild beasts have become pocket-money pets.
    • Many appeared to be mixtures of wild beasts and reptiles.
    • For Overton the line between human and beasts was rather unclear.
    • This was an irresistible combination - shame it had to close early but at least those noble beasts can enjoy the after show party down on the farm.
    • A beast is never so dangerous as when it is cornered or injured.
    • Remember, one principle about humanity: The human race is unlike any beast.
    • Then the movie literally stops and begins anew, retelling a mythic tale about a wild beast and the hunter who must kill it or be devoured by it.
    • Shepherds, who tended their sheep in the forests, used to beat drums to ward off wild beasts from preying on the cattle.
    • It chilled me due to the fact that it sounded more beast like than human.
    • Sometimes, they were left to be eaten by insects or wild beasts.
    • According to him, the second category of people, which did not contribute to science and knowledge, are more like beasts than human beings.
    • Used to be that farm beasts, cattle and sheep, sometimes even pigs, were herded into the fields after harvest, working over the stubble and roots.
    • The huge antler spikes were within a few yards of her, and in a flash of numbing fear she remembered Mortimer's warning, to beware of horned beasts on the farm.
    • On landing, the astronaut ‘will be able to deal with wild beasts, sharks and other dangerous animals or enemies’, the website reported.
    • Cages for beasts like tigers and lions are made of toughened glass with green plants inside.
    • The same can be said of many of the contenders, but lurking in the jungle are some dangerous beasts.
    • She stood up and opened the cage, the beast followed her out and stayed by her side.
    • The Hokkaido wolf is a formidable beast but not dangerous to man as long as other prey is to be had for the killing.
    • After the horses were well tied up, the driver spent a few minutes feeding the beasts and devising a plan to store his cart.
    • At once, they were a group of humans, not rabid beasts and they felt fear.
    • Instead it sounded like the roar of a beast, deep and dangerous.
    • Birds and forest creatures were peaceful here; there, nothing but wild beasts and scavengers roamed the land.
    • They soon are left on their own, protecting their herds from lions and other wild beasts.
    • They cannot accept that they are just beings the same as pets, farm beasts, flowers, insects et al.
    • There was no room on the farm for any creature, man or beast, who could not perform its role.
    • The media frenzy following her arrest portrayed an image of a person more beast than human.
    • However, some residents were a bit apprehensive about having wild carnivorous beasts in their midst.
    • These very early domesticated beasts looked much like aurochsen; they were large and of very similar morphology.
    • These cunning warriors are trained from birth to hunt, track and trap the most dangerous beasts in the wild.
    • If that was true, then these business people must be beasts in human form!
    • Under the fire of the sun, the world became green, the crops grew tall and strong, and the beasts of farm and field have grown fat and strong.
    • But, as has been proved so often in the past, a wounded Wallaby makes a dangerous beast.
    • The bovine beast had escaped from its pen in the Pattaya Naklua area in the early hours of the morning.
    • A baby animal might seem cute but potential owners should remember that a nine-inch baby lizard could well turn into a dangerous beast five or six feet long.
    • Mile upon mile of fir and silver birch forests with not a human or beast to be seen.
    • A few years ago he'd often spot the wooly beasts on a neighbouring farm with huge sores on their backsides, weak and hardly able to stand.
    • If you get the cow near the top and push fast and heavily enough you'll tip the bovine beast.
    • So how about a wild beast which is half lion and half tiger?
    • In Dawson, White Fang becomes an attraction, and people come to see the wild beast in the cage.
  • 2British informal

    (unkind person)
    don't be such a beast! ¡no seas malo / asqueroso! informal
  • 3US informal

    (sexually aggressive man)
    fiera feminine informal
    • That sentence was increased after the intervention of the Home Secretary, who instead insisted on a whole life tariff for the sex beast.
    • The guests of the banquet sway extraneously from portrayals as parasites, wild, carnivorous beasts and ravenous dogs to spoilt brats at a kid's party to well mannered socialites.
    • To top all this off, my horoscope read that I am a cruel heartless beast of a person.
    • But the second she became a traveling cohort she turned into a violent, raging beast.
    • I saw the transformation take place, the placid exterior to the violent, savage beast.
    • However, his vapid surface concealed a beast, one that roared in violent protest.
    • Some will be so sociopathic that they can't be treated as anything other than dangerous beasts.
    • I have been the cruelest of beasts, lying to you and all.
    • She reminds us that French revolutionary leaders were often portrayed as wild beasts or savage tigers by critics at the time and that the tiger in the poem is located in a nightmarish industrial landscape.
    • I also have nothing but praise for the police and law enforcement team - they did a great job and I am glad we have more tools such as DNA testing for catching and convicting sex beasts.
    • The tender scene made her more determined to help find this inhuman beast and stop him from shattering any more lives.
  • 4British informal

    (sth unpleasant)
    filing is a beast of a job archivar es un trabajo odioso