Translation of beautician in Spanish:


esteticista, n.

Pronunciation /bjuːˈtɪʃ(ə)n//bjuˈtɪʃən/


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    esteticista masculine
    • Girls are trained as hairdressers and beauticians, dressmakers and are taught various handicrafts.
    • ‘We have now branched out into other areas, recruiting for everything from coffin-makers to beauticians and hairdressers,’ she said.
    • Hairdressers and beauticians in Trowbridge turned back the clock to raise money in memory of a 28-year-old cancer victim.
    • This will bring additional businesses to Kilgarvan, offering scope for solicitors, hairdressers, beauticians or other enterprises to set up shop.
    • Britain is no longer a nation of shopkeepers but a nation of hairdressers and beauticians, according to a report from the Work Foundation, a leading think tank.
    • Along with taking photos the salons rent and sell wedding dresses or suits, and employ hairdressers and beauticians, who ensure the bride's appearance on her special day is befitting of such a grand occasion.
    • The training seminar was aimed at informing beauticians on the importance of cleanliness and customer service to prevent the possibility of communicable diseases that could be contracted by unhygienic conditions.
    • Local therapists and beauticians have taken time out of their busy schedules to give their time, expertise and skills so that carers can relax, take a little time for themselves, and enjoy being pampered.
    • The beauticians at Montreal Barber & Beauty Parlour claim that, as men face more pressure and stress at work, the quality of their skin is degrading due to insomnia and hypertension.
    • We have invited beauticians and hairdressers to give advice, and we will have jewellery and a selection of dresses both new and used for sale.
    • Such legislation presently applies to doctors and dentists, optometrists and pharmacists, barbers and beauticians, and liquor stores and taxicabs, to name a few leading examples.
    • There then follows a Cinderella-like scenario as a top Italian designer, also mistaking Lizzie for Isabella, dresses her, while she is pampered by hairdressers and beauticians.
    • During the Salon Conference, Raman gave our Bengaluru stylists and beauticians his ideas about hairstyles and their effect on one's appearance.
    • She is going to be a hairdresser and a beautician.
    • As the beauticians of the city watched in attention, her fingers moved nimbly showcasing the latest in hairstyling, colouring and snipping techniques.
    • This is a highly specialised treatment and should only be done by a qualified beautician.
    • Government officials in America have realised that cosmetologists - a term that includes hairdressers and beauticians - could be a vital link to encourage women and children who suffer domestic violence to come forward.
    • Working on commission the consultant is trained in by professional beauticians and is given a cosmetics starter kit.
    • Hairdressers and beauticians in Killaloe, Ballina, Limerick and Nenagh had a bumper day on Thursday last as over 100 young adults prepared for their Debs Dance.
    • Right now, however, Lewis' sponsors and management plot her future in the darkened corner of the studio, as stylists dress her and beauticians cluck over her eye shadow.