Translation of beauty sleep in Spanish:

beauty sleep

primeras horas de sueño, n.


informal, humorous

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    primeras horas de sueño
    I need my beauty sleep tengo que acostarme temprano para estar guapa y fresca
    • If he fancies immediate sleep he insists I turn out my reading light, citing my general selfishness and the overwhelming importance of his restorative beauty sleep as ample justification.
    • At the door he insisted on shaking my hand again, and said to Mum and Patty, ‘I mustn't keep you two girls from your beauty sleep, although Heaven knows you certainly don't need it.’
    • After feeding small birds for over 20 years, suddenly the pigeon fraternity found me, dozens of them took up residence, cooing loudly at daybreak and ruining my beauty sleep.
    • He's a big guy, and seems to have regained most of the 39 pounds he lost to play Arenas, but even those who epitomise hunkdom need their beauty sleep.
    • If it was beauty sleep I would need to be woken in January 2015…
    • Sorry if that causes any undue heartache, but I have no doubt that you'll all agree I need my beauty sleep.
    • Well, I'm sure we'll have to listen to Katsumi complain in the morning, about how we disturbed her precious beauty sleep.
    • If that was supposed to be beauty sleep, it didn't work.
    • So, needing some beauty sleep, and thinking whilst counting sheep, I went to bed, and a magical mantra came to me in a dream (which is where my snazziest artsy notions usually pop up).
    • But, looking at Kidman's immaculate complexion, it's tempting to suggest that maybe she should have tried to bag some more beauty sleep.
    • ‘We wouldn't dare think of ruining your beauty sleep,’ he smirked.
    • That morning I was dragged out of my beauty sleep and taken to a house only a few blocks away from my own.
    • Yes, God forbid that she should lose a wink of beauty sleep.
    • The girls battling for the title are at all times under the watchful eye of their chaperones, who usher them to bed by the 11: 00 pm curfew time to ensure they get enough beauty sleep.
    • The other one is a bear if he doesn't get his 10-hour beauty sleep.
    • ‘You go get your beauty sleep,’ he added teasingly.
    • Someone had to do your job while you were getting your beauty sleep.
    • Oh well, it's been a long day; I'll have to get my beauty sleep or I'll be terribly grumpy in the morning.
    • We both require eight hours' beauty sleep a night, and sleep together in my bed, back to back - just her head peeps out of the top of the covers.
    • Take the day off and catch up on some beauty sleep.