Translation of bedding in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛdɪŋ//ˈbɛdɪŋ/


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    (materials for bed)
    • Don't share towels and wash bedding and nightclothes frequently (every day if possible).
    • Very modern in appearance, these bedding choices make the modern bedroom's focal point the bed.
    • My lower body was surrounded in thick, warm layers of bedding fashioned in sumptuous fabrics.
    • Mrs White had been up-stairs changing bedding when the blaze broke out in the living room of the family's privately-rented house yesterday afternoon.
    • Silk and satin bedding covered the two inviting beds at the far end of the room.
    • There is now a selection of bedding such as duvet covers, sheet, pillow cases etc. and well as curtains.
    • My dad's sister is sending up some towels and bedding at some point.
    • Somewhere to sleep - a crib, cot or pram top, plus bedding.
    • Then you can remake the bed with the other bedding and it is ready for use.
    • But I was surprised by the immaculate white bedding.
    • But there was this older guard who moved his bedding and slept right outside my cell door.
    • Even though most bedding is designed as coordinated sets, you can still add personality to a bed.
    • Got his bedding ready and hunkered down to sleep.
    • They had to make a few trips up and down the stairs carrying bedding and stuff but finally they finished and slumped back on the huge cozy bed they had produced.
    • This is a man who travels with his own pillow because he dislikes unfamiliar bedding.
    • Although you could bring your own bedding, you can rent everything from bedside tables to air beds to sleeping bags, although they advise prebooking the extras.
    • I slipped into my spot beside him, on different bedding of course.
    • We could relax, sit back, and indeed, with all that bedding, it was tempting to lie down, particularly as there was space aplenty.
    • I didn't realise until he'd been in bed and asleep for half an hour last night that my bedding was shut in his room where I'd tidied it away before Sal and Dan came around, so I had to use a thin cushion for a pillow and a travel rug instead of a duvet.
    • Fresh white bedding and a fabulous mattress promise a good night's sleep but the overall impression is clinical, and a couple of bold modern paintings fail to dispel it.

    ropa de cama, colchón etc

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    (for animals)
    cama feminine
    • At the moment newspapers are being collected to be made into animal bedding.
    • The shredded paper will go to a farmer to use as animal bedding.
    • Some horse owners prefer dirt floors with bluestone or clay for drainage and traditional straw or sawdust bedding.
    • The cereal straw (high in the mineral nutrient potassium) provides animal bedding.
    • It explains how to tell from the label whether an animal has been kept in a restricted environment and if it's been given suitable food and bedding materials.
    • She had paid for the tiny creature, the cage, the bedding, the hermit hut, and the food.
    • Conversely, the inexperienced infants nuzzled the bedding or briefly rifted their heads and then resumed steeping face down.
    • Every stall was fourteen foot by fourteen foot, had a water bucket and feed bucket, and an abundant amount of straw bedding.
    • The most common bedding materials are shavings and straw as they are readily available and can be purchased across the country.
    • When shredded, the paper makes a clean, dry and hygienic form of animal bedding.
    • Clean out any soiled bedding when you see it and add fresh material to keep the bottom of the nest box well padded.
    • He brought in 160 new piglets and let them run loose in the bedding.
    • Thousands of tons of bedding are used at animal shows, racetracks, fairs, stables, kennels, zoos, pet stores, and dairies all across the country.
    • Each box of mice I look after has bedding, cardboard tubes and wood chews.
    • Larry also supplies Jerry with hay and straw for bedding and feed.
    • Change their bedding often, and keep their feeder and waterer clean and filled.
    • Chizome adjusted the bedding around the squirmy kitten.
    • I cleaned out and disinfected their compartment, and put in fresh bedding and put back some of their previous twigs and straw nesting materials.
    • Cardboard collected from local companies is shredded and used for animal bedding on the farm and turned into compost.
    • It can be gathered and sold for animal feed or bedding, but those markets are often unprofitable for growers.