Translation of beech in Spanish:


haya, n.

Pronunciation /bitʃ//biːtʃ/


  • 1also beech tree

    (with masculine article in the singular) haya feminine
    • Oaks, sycamores and beeches dotted well-tended lawns bordered by tarmacked paths and signposted at every junction.
    • A male great spotted wood-pecker has made regular early morning visits to a nearby towering beech.
    • We would like to buy a piece of forest in White Carpathian Mountains, consisting mainly of spruce, beeches and firs.
    • The house was large, set in 200 acres of virgin forest filled with magnificent beeches and yews, and roamed by many kinds of wildlife, including deer.
    • Soon after I was judged old enough to accompany the adults on squirrel hunts, my grandfather led me to a huge beech tree on a little branch of the creek.
    • Suppose you are like me and cannot tell an elm tree from a beech tree.
    • Nestled amid those trails and orange red maples, oaks, beeches and birches was the Lost River.
    • Draco leaned his bare back carefully against the rough bark of the beech tree staring up at the moon and the brilliant twinkling stars.
    • The woods there are thick, mostly high maples and beeches whose leafy crowns create a canopy overhead.
    • It is always sad to lose mature trees, and while we hope to have saved a third, we are replacing the two felled trees with three new beeches.
    • Magnolias, elms, and beeches shade the estate.
    • The oak tree across the road from my study window is practically bare but the beeches and hazels behind it are still fully leafed in gleaming yellow and the horse chestnut is largely green even now.
    • There she saw a beech tree surrounded by towering, impressive oaks.
    • By the time Ryan had reached it, Melanie was still struggling to get the low twigs of the beeches to let go of her hair.
    • Deep within the forest there was a tree, a beech tree, tall and strong in its prime with a huge girth and limbs as thick as ten men's arms.
    • Framed by birch and beech, the Foss is a beautiful 67 ft waterfall in the trees.
    • The sun was breaking through the beeches, making every leaf a light.
    • Usually the hearths are located at meadows or clearings near cold pure mountain streams or springs under the thick shadows of beeches and oaks.
    • The road rises to pass through mature beech woods (look out for deer) and descends to meet the river again at Stepping Stones.
    • After consultation with a resident, a beech tree was successfully pruned to reduce overhang.
  • 2

    (with masculine article in the singular) haya feminine
    • The front door opens into a wide hall which, like the receptions rooms leading off it, has solid beech flooring, plain coving and pendant lighting.
    • Both of the bedrooms are doubles with cream-coloured walls, beech hardwood floors and built-in wardrobes.
    • Halle threw the files that had been tucked into her hand onto her light beechwood desk, knocking over a pencil holder and its contents in the process.
    • You can choose from black, dark walnut or natural beech for the legs.
    • Now she walked over to that chair and stroked her fingers across the top of its beechwood frame.
    • The current fashion for natural light, organic forms and materials like beech perfectly complement the feminised curves of the plastic designs.
    • It looks like the leg of a very large beechwood coffee table.
    • The property has a spacious entrance hallway with understairs closet and, like much of the house, has solid beech floorboards and ceiling coving.
    • Solid hardwood frames and legs, such as mahogany or beech, are the best candidates for an overhaul.
    • It describes Tenneco's investment in a large beechwood saw mill and manufacturing plant in Romania, of all places, and tied in somewhat with Tenneco's forest products and packaging businesses.
    • It has also been redecorated, with modern beech shelving installed.
    • There is an extensive range of handcrafted solid beech units, a pale worktop with a Franke double sink unit and a white tiled splashback.
    • The standard of fit-out is very high throughout and particularly so in the kitchen, which has solid beech units and black marble worktops.
    • The accommodation includes an entrance hall with solid beech flooring and a guest bathroom, as well as a living room with an antique cast iron fireplace.
    • The kitchen is fitted with an excellent range of custom-made wooden units, solid beech worktops and a tiled splashback.
    • Both will feature beech timber, laminate flooring in the hall, living room and kitchen.
    • There are 72 in all, with big beechwood bedheads and furniture, white-tiled bathrooms and flowers everywhere (annual bill £34,000).
    • The recently refitted kitchen is large and cosy, with a dark green, four-oven Aga and solid beech worktops.
    • The kitchen area is fitted with a range of modern floor and wall units, a stylish blue tiled splash back and solid beech worktops.
    • I sat in the window on a beechwood chair, at a beechwood table, looking out, people watching.