Translation of beekeeping in Spanish:


apicultura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbiˌkipɪŋ//ˈbiːˌkiːpɪŋ/


  • 1

    apicultura feminine
    cría de abejas feminine
    • He tries farming and weaving and bee-keeping, only to see all his efforts wasted.
    • The State, with a suitable climate for bee-keeping, had a rich repertoire of honey, they said.
    • My bee-keeping friend raced down to Lesley's house about 150 yards away to see if she could help.
    • It opens at 2.30 and promises to be a fascinating event for anyone interested in bee-keeping and honey production.
    • He was also a famous bee-keeper and one of the first Dutchmen to publish a book about bee-keeping.
    • There is a need too for teachers of English and vocational skills like farming, commerce and bee-keeping.
    • He introduced Mr Holt to bee-keeping, which had been a schoolboy hobby of his, and at Mr Holt's suggestion he began his own business of keeping laying poultry and selling eggs.
    • Along with the garden tours, visitors saw bee-keeping demonstrations, got tips from gardeners, participated in a papermaking workshop and took in a few information displays.
    • The province had also attracted investors who were interested in bee-keeping and honey production for export.
    • Mr Britton was a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and his bee-keeping hobby, and honey sales at his gate, earned him the local nickname ‘Mr B, the bee man’.
    • FROM VARIETIES of honey, beehives, queen cages, pollen-traps and honey extractors to literature on various aspects of bee-keeping were on display.
    • The boys, most illiterate, are shown pictures illustrating the choice of vocations on offer, including masonry, weaving and bee-keeping.
    • Slowing down for Eric means that he cancelled the trip to South America but kept travelling around Aotearoa, taking up new hobbies, organic gardening, bee-keeping…
    • From the age of sixty onwards, grandfather lost interest in most things that were not related to bee-keeping and the planting of trees.
    • Both Watson and Mycroft are dead, and Holmes spends his time bee-keeping and writing letters.