Translation of befuddle in Spanish:


aturdir, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈfədl//bɪˈfʌd(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    his brain was befuddled by drink el alcohol le había embotado el cerebro
    • Even then, the details of how I had gone and gotten myself a boyfriend befuddled me.
    • This clarified things for the more befuddled viewers but reminded all that they were watching a dead person.
    • It befuddled me greatly because I couldn't remember doing anything wrong that night, at least not to him.
    • Clearly it exists, but it is befuddled, complex, and we all have a different idea about what it is.
    • A very befuddled teenager soon found himself pushed and locked out of the room.
    • When Miss Fiske wrote to inform me of her condition, I was utterly befuddled.
    • I'm still befuddled by the speed with which these were produced, in a kitchen featuring two gas burners and one ancient electric mixer.
    • Brooke glanced around at the girls, whose befuddled faces told her how stupid this must have looked.
    • The sport of boxing won big time as it again confused and befuddled it's critics.
    • I do have to admit to being a little befuddled by what's going on in terms of the descriptions.
    • I am as befuddled as you are when I try to read that deliberately abstruse text.
    • I forgot to tell you all this is set in one of my confused and befuddled future settings.
    • Who knows what little games he played in his mind before it became befuddled by morphine?
    • I opened the door and there was no teacher in sight, only several befuddled students.
    • At first they glanced at each other, befuddled by the albino girl who stood in nothing but a strapless nightgown.
    • Riders overtake traffic, carving in and out of lanes as befuddled drivers bond in confusion with pedestrians.
    • She told me, her eyes widening with the mystery that befuddled me earlier.
    • Sarah felt something stir within her as she gazed at him, her eyes never leaving his and she was befuddled.
    • I was so stunned and momentarily befuddled it never even occurred to me to fire the second barrel.
    • In our early days, my entering classmates were often befuddled by the kind of readings we were given.