Translation of begin in Spanish:


empezar, v.

Pronunciation /bɪˈɡɪn//bɪˈɡɪn/

transitive verbbegan, beginning, begun

  • 1

    (campaign/meeting/journey) empezar
    (campaign/meeting/journey) comenzar
    (meeting/journey/campaign) iniciar formal
    he begins the day with some exercises empieza / comienza el día con un poco de gimnasia
    • how does one begin a letter of condolence? ¿cómo se empieza una carta de pésame?
    • to begin work on sth empezar / comenzar a trabajar en algo
    • my early life was hard, he began —los primeros años de mi vida fueron duros —comenzó / empezó diciendo
    • to begin -ing/to + inf empezar / comenzar a + inf
    • it's beginning to rain está empezando a llover
    • he began talking / to talk about his work empezó a hablar sobre su trabajo
    • I'd begun to think you weren't coming ya estaba empezando a pensar que no vendrías
    • the two novels don't begin to compare no hay ni punto de comparación entre las dos novelas
    • I can't begin to thank you no sé cómo agradecerte
    • that won't even begin to cover the cost eso no alcanza ni remotamente para cubrir los gastos
    • To solve this problem we arranged to bring in teams of volunteers at night who began the task in earnest - time was running out.
    • Back in Oxford, he sat on the City Council, and began his lifelong activity of prison visiting.
    • What began as a hobby for the actress is now a viable business proposition.
    • He was so impressed with it that he began the process which has led to the opening of the first scheme in inner London.
    • Before you begin any activity, drink at least one glass of water 30 minutes prior.
    • It was in that town that his son Étienne was born, was brought up, and began his education.
    • Then she began her task to educate others on the battle against discrimination and AIDS.
    • Since it began as a cartoon in the 1920s, the story of Annie has touched hearts.
    • Diversification of the group's activities had also begun by then.
    • Whether by accident or design, McKinven could be about to find that life begins at 40-or at least begins again.
    • Please could you send me the necessary paperwork required to begin this procedure.
    • He begins a business studies degree course at University of Limerick next week after being offered a place earlier this summer.
    • Contractors are expected to begin work within two months with a view to completion within 18 months.
    • To widespread relief, the second half began as the first had ended and not as it began.
    • What began as a small, local competition evolved into an event of national importance.
    • He will have to prove himself again in his next role by continuing the innovative work begun by Danon.
    • Don't forget to warm up and stretch properly before beginning any athletic activity.
    • What began as a hobby a decade ago has evolved into giving performances all over the State.
    • He was inspired to begin work on a book about it from an African point of view.
    • It began as a funerary tradition but today is associated with a celebration.
    • Finally, he began to convert starts into substance and his running was supreme throughout.
    • The office has existed in England for at least 800 years, and began as a sort of secretaryship to the King.
    • Their marker is brought back to the starting point and they begin once again.
    • It began as a wine bar, and the origins show through in the excellence of the wine list and cheese board.
    • Regardless of the result this Sunday, Cyril Lyons has now stamped his own personality on this team and this county, and a new era has very definitely begun.
    • The man turns away and changes transparencies on the overhead projector and begins his lesson.
    • Leigh famously begins work on his projects with no script, no characters and no names, expecting the actors to pitch in on all of these in a collaborative workshop style.
    • What began as an academic issue may now be, literally, a matter of life and death.
    • They may also independently inherit property and begin the process leading to a divorce.
    • As he watched the plane started its engines and began to travel down the concrete.
    • A challenge was there to be met and it began as soon as you were near the ground.
    • What began as a steady walk by day's end was on the verge of turning into a run.
    • The county says it's hired private contractors to begin the clean-up work after the first of the year.
    • What began as an attempt to rebut the claim turned into a major research project lasting months.
    • It began as a good idea by a small but determined group of York residents.
    • The fire has burned about 480 square miles since it began as two blazes last week.
    • Ben had hoped that Carl would be able to control the hidden powers in his suit, but Carl had only begun to realize his potential before his death.
    • It began as a family day out at the seaside - but a mother and her children were swept to their deaths.
    • What began as an industrial campaign turned into a campaign for land rights.

intransitive verbbegan, beginning, begun

  • 1

    (meeting/year) empezar
    (meeting/year) comenzar
    (year/meeting) iniciarse formal
    I don't know where to begin no sé por dónde empezar / comenzar
    • the author begins by making his own position clear el autor empieza por aclarar cuál es su posición
    • we began with very modest means empezamos con medios muy modestos
    • let's begin at the beginning empecemos por el principio
  • 2

    (river) nacer
    (custom) originarse
    (custom) empezar
    ever since the world began desde que el mundo es mundo