Translation of beguiling in Spanish:


cautivador, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈɡaɪlɪŋ//bɪˈɡʌɪlɪŋ/


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    • She is a fascinating, beguiling woman who I feel very privileged to have met in the flesh.
    • Now the enterprising county council is inviting tourists to rediscover one of the region's most beguiling attractions, Sherwood Forest.
    • With a beguiling, over the shoulder, come-hither look, she began to dance to the music.
    • The most beguiling aspect of the report was its two-part thesis.
    • Her playful way with the song was altogether beguiling.
    • This is cool, sophisticated, endlessly intriguing downtempo electronica with a beguiling, organic sound.
    • It can't just have been the mesmeric, beguiling videos by hip, ascendant directors.
    • The result is an utterly beguiling game worthy of its legendary name.
    • Very few people have ever seen these shy, utterly beguiling creatures on their immemorial trek.
    • He is engaged to Rose, a beguiling socialite who is 25 years his junior.
    • He played with easy beguiling brilliance, like neon light, at times erupting into shards of pure ecstatic electric yearning.
    • With her allure, she is even fooling the foreign diplomats through her beguiling appearance.
    • I have not driven a more beguiling engine all year.
    • Pitfield's chamber music from the middle period is substantial yet beguiling.
    • The former is an utterly beguiling, effortlessly simple piano ballad.
    • Prepare to behold the most beguiling foodstuffs known to man.
    • Looking into the beguiling eyes of the accused, his honor does not have the heart to sentence them.
    • The more we linger, the more we see beguiling dances.
    • The work opens with a beguiling play of diagonal white lines across a black screen, entering at irregular moments.
    • In theater or cabaret, the redheaded "flapper" was a beguiling presence.