Translation of behavior in Spanish:


conducta, n.

(British behaviour)

Pronunciation /bɪˈheɪvjə//bəˈheɪvjər/


  • 1

    conducta feminine
    comportamiento masculine
    behavior toward sb
    • his behavior toward his wife was disgraceful fue vergonzoso como se portó con su mujer
    • The tendency toward formal behavior is strengthened by the tradition of using titles.
    • This could lead to writing a code of conduct to guide their behaviour with each other.
    • This forward behavior toward an adult earned him another frown from his older brother.
    • If someone is to be responsible for this unacceptable behavior, it had to be him.
    • It was tempting to condemn him for his attitude and his behaviour towards the girl.
    • This pattern of behavior continued until it was time for the first quarter's report card.
    • Teaching is undermined by poor behaviour and teachers need practical support.
    • They often show aggressive behavior toward health professionals when the truth of the symptoms is challenged.
    • There is no evidence of any self harm or of threatening or aggressive behaviour towards others.
    • It was totally unacceptable behaviour towards people who had given you long and loyal service.
    • I don't think it is wrong, or a waste of time, to point out the virtue of manners and good behaviour.
    • If this fails to moderate bad behaviour, officers will visit the family home.
    • We then had to consider whether permanent exclusion was a reasonable response to that behaviour.
    • The other is that the signing of the pledge was a form of indirectly enforced good behaviour.
    • He complained that the doctor's behaviour towards him had been inappropriate.
    • Set a good example with your courteous behavior toward the parents of kids on the other team.
    • Nella was still angry at their patronising and arrogant behaviour towards her in those times.
    • Seldom have we witnessed a more shameless display of rude and vulgar behavior towards an invited guest.
    • He was a gentleman through and through, and his behaviour towards her had never been less than proper.
    • Thinking helps us to consider what is, or is not, appropriate behavior towards fellow human beings.
  • 2

    Mechanics funcionamiento masculine
    Physics Chemistry comportamiento masculine
    • Failing to do that leaves the system open to potential behavior that falls short of the mark.
    • Knowing these natural instincts and behaviors can give you some insight training your cat.
    • Mary's frustration turned into rage, and her behavior became increasingly erratic.
    • In addition, the meaning of many social and emotional behaviours may not become apparent until the child is older.
    • Children may have to suppress their natural behaviours and tendencies to conform and fit in, which can cause undue distress.
    • We see this as a valuable perspective on reproductive behavior in natural habitats.
    • You only understand how human behavior functions if you look at both sides.
    • The behavior of the machine is fascinating, but it has little to do with the concept of counting.
    • Soon though, my growing depression and erratic behaviour put a terrible strain on our love.
    • The variability of behaviors in natural settings may be a result of several factors.
    • I gave up after much erratic behaviour on her part and distanced myself from fear.
    • When staff became concerned by his erratic behaviour and obscene language they called police.
    • Perhaps this is because they mimic evolved solutions, so their behaviour seems more natural.
    • In fact operating transnationally should be a natural and normal behaviour.
    • This is so the otters' food can be hidden to encourage their natural foraging behaviour.
    • Ants exemplify many behaviors and phenomena which are common to other insect species.
    • What would a roomful of machines exhibiting this behavior sound like?
    • In times of crisis, companies tend to fall back on their habitual patterns of behavior.