Translation of behold in Spanish:


contemplar, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈhoʊld//bɪˈhəʊld/

transitive verbbeheld


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    contemplar literary
    behold the handmaid of the Lord he aquí la esclava del Señor
    • She smiled as she beheld her friends and her children, all seated at the round table.
    • And for the first hour or so, it was all quite beguiling and an impressive spectacle to behold.
    • We were laughing with each other a little when we entered, but then our eyes looked up and we saw what beheld us in the living room.
    • Chloe beheld a middle-aged man of medium build with a fading brown beard fringing his face.
    • I actually still remember the exact table we were sitting at when we first opened it and beheld the wonders inside.
    • At dawn this morning, I looked out the window into the snowy mist and there with my very own eyes beheld the culprit at last.
    • Hardly had I seated myself when my eyes beheld a child staring accusingly at me.
    • Make sure the audience beholds you, not your gown.
    • They hiked part way up the mountain and beheld a spectacular view.
    • In the frosty air they beheld smoke arising from a spot in the centre of the bog at Ratheskin, and towards it they proceeded with caution.
    • It was there, in those ancient precincts, that I beheld a blinding light descending upon me.
    • Behold how most fair is Mary to the one who beholds her, and how loveable these things of hers to the ones who are capable of discerning.
    • The very sight of Loch Lomond ennobles the spirit of all who behold it, even if they're messing it up.
    • He beheld the image for a few moments before concentrating his gaze lower.
    • As such the film evokes the pleasure of beholding an actor perform a part with nothing forced in it, one that Michael Caine dons like a favorite suit.
    • His effect on her was, if anything, more powerful than it had been the first time she beheld him.
    • Her eyes were loving and strong as they beheld her husband, her warrior, who was to risk his life in battle once more.
    • That's how massive it was - easily the biggest fish that I and everyone else who beheld it had ever seen.
    • It was a grand sight to behold him in his dressing-gown composing a menu.
    • Will's face softened with warmth and affection as he beheld his son for the first time.

intransitive verbbeheld

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