Translation of belch in Spanish:


eructar, v.

Pronunciation /bɛltʃ//bɛltʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) eructar
  • 2

    to belch from sth
    • flames belched from the mouth of the cannon la boca del cañón escupía llamas
    • smoke belched from the windows salía humo de las ventanas
    • Smoke belches from a ferry after two buses aboard the vessel were blown up
    • The engine roared to life as smoke belched from the exhaust nozzles.
    • There is no cloud there, no smog belching from industrial chimneys, just a great barren expanse of sand and jewelled sky.
    • Not long afterwards and the last German fighter was heading for the ocean, fire and black smoke belching from the engine.
    • One witness described how smoke belched from the building as firefighters surrounded the scene.
    • At its height, flames and a huge pall of smoke belched from the burning building, and showers of embers were scattered into the night sky.
    • It was already starting to yaw uncontrollably, spinning in an unstoppable circle, ugly black smoke belching from the worthless engines, now just burning hunks of metal.
    • Black smoke belches from her single tall stack.
    • Skeletal dead trees ring the edge of Manaro's crater, while trees in dense jungle nearby were covered in ash which has been belching from the volcano.
    • It significantly reduces the sulfur, carbon monoxide and other pollutants that belch from car tailpipes.
    • It is caused by diesel fumes belching from the packed vehicles and halfway-wrecked lorries that clog the roads.
    • There they visited a volcano, ‘it was unbelievable’ Pat said to see smoke belching from a mountain.
    • All those hops and yeast and good times belching from the chimney stacks would definitely account for that heady aroma.
    • Kwenn clung on even tighter, but could barely see through the thick smoke belching from the ship.
    • Situated on the edge of the Black Country and only five miles from Birmingham, smoke still belched from its factory chimneys.
    • The famous fog of London was an entirely chemical outpouring created by treacherous fumes and gases belching from countless chimneys.
    • Places where poisonous fumes belch from endless streams of cars.

transitive verb

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  • 1

    eructo masculine
    he gave/let out a belch eructó