Translation of bellicose in Spanish:


belicoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛlɪkəʊs//ˈbɛləˌkoʊs/


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    • It was a particularly bellicose speech, and living in occupied West Berlin, within a mile of the Wall, it had a particularly scary resonance.
    • But other less bellicose, parallel approaches should still be considered.
    • I sometimes ask people the question: what do you do when you serve a bellicose president who wants to go to war?
    • The fans also have their say and again the attitudes are conversational rather than bellicose and confrontational.
    • I've known many fighters, and most of them tend to be rather bellicose.
    • When reason is abdicated and replaced by the bellicose creeds of opposing religions, peace is impossible.
    • The Presidents's language has certainly reflected this - as the days have gone by, his speeches have become more and more bellicose.
    • In contrast, moderate voices are rarely heard and often relentlessly overruled by barrages of bellicose opinions.
    • And people in charge of both governments have become more bellicose by the day.
    • By game time, fans were a bellicose, red-faced, shouting mob.
    • The tone of his speech was bellicose and threatening.
    • After a number of recent battles, in which quite a few hundred people have been slaughtered, the sensitive politician might want to avoid the use of bellicose imagery.
    • The Presidents's bellicose posture arose from weakness, not strength.
    • We won't know until the inspectors get there what his frame of mind is, but it's pretty bellicose in the meantime.
    • At the end of the 19th century, people were full of hope and expectations of a more peaceful, more contented, less bellicose world.
    • The bellicose atmosphere in both cities cannot be ignored: stances are being hardened and war seems more or less inevitable.
    • At the time, the government was very bellicose about a military campaign.
    • Heritage-rich nations and tribal groups alike sound bellicose in defence of heritage whose attrition they are impotent to prevent.
    • For eight years the policy of containment has worked and despite the bellicose rhetoric being bandied about last week, it will probably continue.
    • Yet it is also a fact that the Administration has quietly backed down from a number of its most bellicose threats.