Translation of bellyache in Spanish:


dolor de barriga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛlɪeɪk//ˈbɛliˌeɪk/



  • 1

    dolor de barriga masculine informal
    dolor de tripa masculine Spain informal
    dolor de guata masculine Andes informal
    • Uncharacteristically, perhaps because the bellyache and the fever distracted him, he sat in the open rather than behind tree cover.
    • Citizens of other places may complain, bitch or bellyache; New Yorkers kvetch.
    • But there is some music that gives one a bellyache.
    • If your husband ever asks for sex, never have a bellyache or a headache
    • Pills, spills and bellyaches - a cheat's guide to the Tour
    • If I complain of a sore bellyache Mom will never believe me.
    • Could it be that therein lie the seeds of the present bellyache?
    • A great banquet was served during the day, and I often gave myself a bellyache by eating too much while listening to speaker after speaker.

intransitive verb

informal, derogatory

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    to bellyache about sb/sth quejarse constantemente de algn/algo
    • The council chiefs have known about the problem of recycling for quite some time but have chosen to ignore it and now they are bellyaching because they could be liable for a ‘fine’ of around £1, 500,000.
    • Having said that, I too think that the majority of doctors still make very decent incomes and shouldn't spend their time bellyaching.
    • There was some mild bellyaching that the bang bang chicken and crisp Chinese pickled veg baguette did not live up to its promise.
    • It's a little too late to start bellyaching about it now.
    • ‘This bottle of wine that's $27 on your list is just $9 at the store down the block,’ the customer bellyaches.
    • Which is why I think the best solution for all of us is to stop bellyaching, and let Mr. Stallone go on making ‘Rocky’ movies until he drops.
    • Soldiers bellyache all the time, but only a minority turn complaint into defiance.
    • Anyone who's ever played road hockey has encountered the kid who bellyaches about not getting the ball enough and threatens to depart with his net if things don't go his way.
    • I find it amusing what some people will write to you to bellyache about.
    • I will stop bellyaching about the media using my personal life to sell newspapers while posing for cheesy, beefcake photos to sell my new movie.
    • So stop bellyaching about hem lines and sore knees and start moving!
    • You may complain, they say; you may grouch about globalisation, bellyache about environmental destruction, grizzle about consumer society.
    • We can bellyache all we want over the decision, but at the end of the day prohormones are still gone.
    • Now that police authorities are having to use that money for what it was intended, police officers' pensions, they are bellyaching about it and feeding the public with misinformation in a bid to disguise their own failings.
    • Conservatives are always bellyaching about how complex the tax code is and what a burden it is on the average taxpayer.
    • Teachers, already burdened with the extra duties of census, official surveys, vaccination programmes and other sundry jobs, are bellyaching.
    • Rather than bellyache about who owns what media outlets, with a mealy-mouthed ‘it's not fair’ position, perhaps more honest debate and more public discussion would expose the vacuous nature of many current arguments.
    • ‘People don't bellyache to the landlord any more, they bellyache to the Foundation,’ he explained.
    • But once more, I'm not complaining, criticizing, expressing dissatisfaction, finding fault, or bellyaching at all.
    • Fine. But can we now please stop bellyaching about how the Democrats don't have any ideas because they aren't willing to put a plan on the table?