Translation of belt in Spanish:


cinturón, n.

Pronunciation: /bɛlt//bɛlt/


  • 1

    • 1.1Clothing

      cinturón masculine
      green/brown belt cinto verde/marrón masculine
      • belt and braces
      • he has a belt-and-braces approach le gusta tomar todas las precauciones (del caso)
      • to have sth under one's belt tener algo a sus (/ mis etc. ) espaldas
      • with a string of hits under his belt con una serie de hits a sus espaldas / en su haber
      • to hit below the belt dar un golpe bajo
      • that was a bit below the belt ¡ése fue un golpe bajo!
      • to tighten one's belt (economize) apretarse el cinturón
      • A sharp, curved dagger dangled on a leather belt at her waist.
      • Cassie admired the thin white leather belt around her waist.
      • Mwisa said in Kitwe yesterday that the BBC had erred by awarding Mutampuka the belt when it knew that the title belonged to him.
      • His jerkin was decorated by a flamboyant lace frill around the neck, and like Tudor he carried a sword attached to a belt round his waist.
      • I bought a leather belt with a heart-shaped buckle on it, from my favourite vintage clothes shop.
      • A classic-looking leather belt is around my waist, its buckle engraved with two simplified, overlapping trees.
      • Under the cloak she wore a sienna-red dress with a leather cord belt hanging around her waist, and her golden hair was down, combed out of it's normally spiky state.
      • The belt's adjustment level allows it to be worn as a waist belt or a shoulder strap.
      • With that he drew a sword from a belt around his waist.
      • Her hand strayed to the hilt of the small dagger that hung from a black leather belt about her waist at all times, and she took three wary paces forward.
      • They often wear colourful clothing and belts to distinguish which rank they are in the Chiui hierarchy.
      • If he wins any of the various title belts, he will become Scotland's eighth world champion.
      • Oscar, as the WBO champion, would put an exclamation point on his career if he were able to add the other three belts to his laurels.
      • Such was his superiority, in fact, that when he won the event for the third time in succession in 1870, he was awarded the championship belt in perpetuity.
      • He reached to his waist and undid the belt buckle as he was talking to the corpsman.
      • Good Italian leather belts with simple buckles are now found in many stores.
      • Snapped around his waist was a leather belt, and attached at each hip was a sheathed sword.
      • Holyfield, who has said he will not retire until he reclaims the IBF, WBC and WBA title belts, hopes the bout will move him closer to a championship bout.
      • As he buckled the gun belt back around his waist, feeling fully dressed again at last he suddenly stopped and sniffed at the air.
      • The belt has been awarded to him because of his best performance and fight in India and for winning gold medals in several championships.
      • Based on their level of action in recent months, it seems only a matter of time before the kin are wearing title belts.
      • He wore long black pants and a dark green shirt with a leather belt around his waist.
      • Another teaching nun, Sister Annunciata, like the others wore a long, thick, leather belt from waist to toe beside her rosary.
      • The Pistons a year ago donned the title belts because they played great defense.
      • In the Junior Taekwondo, Matthew Archer achieved his blue belt with a fantastic score of 94 per cent.
      • On the line were Edge and Christian's WWF world tag-team title belts, which were suspended high above the ring.
      • He buckled his sword belt around his waist, and then he picked her up.
      • Fighters are allowed to keep the title belt after three successful defences.
      • A photograph of the new Russian champion holding aloft the title belt after the fight was even submitted, complete with black eye.
      • ÒHe is free to challenge for a title fight since the belt is now being held by Chilembe.
      • He had a rugged face and wore white clothes, a red belt tied at his waist.
      • There was a brown leather belt tied around her waist and it had a place for a dagger sheath and a sword sheath.
      • Around his waist was a belt of leather and from this, herbs, and objects of all kinds hung dangling, and clattered together as he walked.
      • If my memory serves me correctly Carlos Rios and Jesus Chavez have won title belts since being out pointed by and TKO'd by Mayweather.
      • Around 1930 Jigoro Kano created a new belt to recognize the special achievements of high ranking black belts.
      • In 1949 those two met again in a title fight and Robinson retained his belt with a convincing unanimous decision victory.
      • The accomplishment was fine no matter how it is put, but the factor that made it historical was that Ruiz had a title belt.
      • The March campaign will determine if he keeps his title belt.
      • She threw on her silver bangle bracelets and grabbed her leather coat, not bothering to zip it up or tie the black leather belt at the waist.
      • You have to remember that the title belts are just ‘props’ and do not mean that the wrestlers are paid more or receive any other special benefits.

    • 1.2(for holding tools)

      cinturón para herramientas masculine
      cartridge belt cartuchera feminine
      • gun belt cinturón con pistolera

  • 2

    • 2.1Mechanics

      correa feminine
      conveyor belt cinta transportadora feminine
      • fan belt correa del ventilador
      • VW recommends that the cam belt is checked every 20,000 miles.
      • However, whereas the supercharger is mechanically driven by belt from the engine, the turbocharger is driven by the pressure of the exhaust gases.
      • Unlike machinery used in textile mills, steelmaking machinery had few spinning belts that could pull workers into drive shafts.
      • The guard covering the chain drive on the belt had worn out, exposing the mechanism.
      • Faster and faster, the big belt spun, louder and louder the machinery hummed until the pitch was at its highest.
      • The unit offered on temporary loan features a ‘boat style’ cam and a belt / pulley spindle drive instead of flexible drive.
      • It filled the factories with Lowry machines and their attendant web of belts, pulleys, and conveyors.
      • Instead of using a steel belt to transmit power, it uses a specially developed link-plate chain, ideal for high torque use.
      • So we stopped at a repair shop to fix the dynamo belt.
      • This machine consisted of 1,954 parts in a metal carrier with a continuous motor-driven belt inside a walnut cabinet.
      • A timing belt or timing chain links the crankshaft to the camshaft so that the valves are in sync with the pistons.
      • With a simple DC motor that powers a belt transmission on the rear tire, you can use this as a pedaled bike or as a power-assisted vehicle.
      • Traditionally these machines have belts and pulleys to change increment speeds, which wouldn't change so often.
      • Squeezing into the narrow work space between the conveyor belts, their job was to shovel the stray pellets onto the belts and make sure the machinery in the tunnel ran smoothly.
      • The cam belt of my Audi TT snapped and destroyed the engine, costing me more than £4,500.
      • Most of the belts are off the machines, or on idler wheels, so that when the mill is running only the machine being used is operating.

    • 2.2

      seat belt cinturón (de seguridad) masculine
      • safety belt cinturón de seguridad
      • to fasten one's belt abrocharse el cinturón

  • 3

    a belt of rain/low pressure un frente lluvioso/de bajas presiones
    • the industrial belt el cinturón industrial
    • the cotton belt la zona / región algodonera
  • 4

    • 4.1(blow)

      tortazo masculine informal
      trancazo masculine Mexico informal
      • I agree, back then, even when I was a kid, it was seen as the norm to discipline children with a smack or a belt with a stick, but yet they didn't grow up to be muggers or binge drinking fighters.
      • I quickly put a smile on my face before he gave me a belt.
      • Out of the clear blue he landed a belt on them and I never felt such pain.

    • 4.2US (drink)

      trago masculine

transitive verb


  • 1

    darle una paliza a
    he belted me on the ear / round the ear me dio un trancazo Mexico informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to belt along/in/off ir/entrar/salir zumbando / como un bólido informal