Translation of beltway in Spanish:


carretera de circunvalación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛltˌweɪ//ˈbɛltweɪ/



  • 1

    carretera de circunvalación feminine
    ronda de circunvalación feminine
    periférico masculine Mexico Central America
    • By her second lap around the interstate beltway the hum of the engine from Jennifer's MG roadster began to drown out her anger and frustration.
    • By twelve-thirty he was blasting south on the beltway, music roaring in his ears, his mind adrift on the matter of Paula.
    • However, some question the city's diligence in improving youth sports park standards within the beltway, especially when potential park facilities often are targeted by developers.
    • We circled the city as I missed a series of turnoffs from the beltway.
    • Investigators recently opened an investigation of the former head of the company, the man who was in charge of the six beltways and other roads built to unchoke traffic in the capital.
    • Michael sped along a highway to a connection with the beltway.
    • Urban activists blocked the completion of many inner-city interstate highways, just as the economic center of American metropolises was shifting from downtown to the beltway.
    • You can see cities and towns in San Francisco's Bay Area gobble up undeveloped land and merge, or you can watch Washington, D.C., spread far beyond the beltway and fuse with Baltimore.
    • Thousands of Salvadorans blocked highways, bridges and borders on October 12, 2002, to protest the planned construction of a huge beltway superhighway around the capital.
    • The two work here in this remote corner of Virginia just off the beltway.
    • Harry accelerated past a battered VW on the beltway.
    • Elkridge, just south of the Baltimore beltway, near the airport, is a new venue for the symposium.
    • In another carryover issue specific to Northeast Florida, the chamber ‘recognizes Clay County's critical need for an outer beltway.’
    • Recent office development has been concentrated around the suburban beltway of Interstate 270, especially in the Northwest and Northeast quadrants.
    • Simultaneously, a four-lane Churchill-Roosevelt extension from Waller Field to Sangre Grande is happily endorsed, with attention given to a beltway allowing traffic to bypass the town.
    • Many-tentacled Gothams like Los Angeles and Washington stretch endlessly, crosshatched with a myriad of concrete overpasses, transit beltways and suburban shopping metroplexes.
    • Traffic around the Washington beltway was bad as usual, but nothing like it would be a few hours later.
    • We drove from outside the beltway, into downtown D.C. We found parking.
    • They also located individual subway and railroad stations and identified the entrance and exit ramps on the Moscow Ring Road, the automobile beltway that encircled the city.
    • And - and I lived in D.C., working for the Weather Service, long enough to know it only takes an inch or two and that just wrecks the beltway.