Translation of bemoan in Spanish:


lamentarse de, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈmoʊn//bɪˈməʊn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (lack/loss) lamentarse de
    he bemoaned his fate se lamentaba de su suerte
    • Kenny bemoans the loss of that sense of community.
    • There has been a lot of complaining about it, a good deal of bemoaning our situation.
    • Contemporary chroniclers based in England had a habit of bemoaning the cost and absence of results of such campaigns.
    • Arjan bemoans our rapid consensus of opinion.
    • Weil bemoans the fact that the ban was the only one of twenty-five commission recommendations adopted.
    • Despite the drawbacks, Anne said she truly wants to stay in the area but bemoans the lack of amenities for her kids.
    • This follows years of complaints from small shopkeepers and liberal commentators who bemoan supermarket's retail dominance.
    • Mr Britton bemoans the location of the new hospital.
    • The young American bemoaned the wet and cold of the Pennines, disconcerted by their bleakness that inspired the Brontes more than a century before.
    • I've always bemoaned these losses, but never exactly mourned the loss of a station.
    • The Times bemoans this development, acknowledging the commercial nature of Broadway theater, but wishing the stage itself could remain ad free.
    • In one isolated village the people weep and wail, bemoaning their plight.
    • He bemoans today's generation for not sharing that wish to make a difference but admits politics today ‘bores me completely’.
    • Elizabeth loudly bemoans the tendency of the younger generation to career hop - ‘Just one was enough for us!’
    • It also bemoans the city's refusal to release the dossiers to the people discussed within them.
    • He is passionate about theatre, but bemoans the pressures which it is put under in Britain, thanks to underfunding.
    • He never once complained or bemoaned the cruel hand life dealt him.
    • Like many writers, Phillips bemoans the way in which the publishing industry is now dominated by a handful of all-powerful conglomerates.
    • He frequently bemoans the absence of suitable role models for them.
    • As the nation bemoans the prospect of new tax rises, we may take consolation from the fact that we are not the first to suffer.