Translation of bench test in Spanish:

bench test

prueba (de rendimiento), n.


  • 1

    prueba (de rendimiento) feminine
    testeo masculine Latin America
    • First, some bench tests using back-projection reconstruction have demonstrated the superior consistency of this parameter to quantify impedance perturbations all over the image slice independently of its radial position.
    • In 1999 alone, [the company] performed more than 60 validation and bench tests on the products it reprocesses.
    • Assessment of the potential role of autoCPAP therapy in the home is further complicated by differences in technical characteristics of devices from various manufacturers as recently suggested by bench tests.
    • The finer images also enable researchers to more accurately model and predict the behavior of materials on computers before time-consuming and expensive bench tests are conducted.
    • For instance, designers can obtain body loads to test their components at the same time analysts obtain the chassis loads they need to set up their bench tests.
    • Tests EPG conducts consist of bench tests, lab tests, field tests, and large-scale, geographically distributed SOS tests.
    • Following successful bench tests, it was being track tested in its 2004 season specification at Monza in September this year.
    • Each engine is assembled crankshaft to harness by an individual technician, who then bench tests it and affixes his personally signed plaque to it.

transitive verb

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    (software/machine/engine) probar
    (engine/machine/software) testear Latin America