Translation of benefit in Spanish:


beneficio, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈbɛnəfɪt//ˈbɛnɪfɪt/


  • 1

    (good) beneficio masculine
    (good) bien masculine
    (advantage) provecho masculine
    (advantage) ventaja feminine
    she is exploiting the situation for her own benefit está explotando la situación en beneficio propio / para su provecho
    • for the benefit of your children por el bien de tus hijos
    • the benefits of a good education las ventajas de una buena educación
    • I didn't derive much benefit from the course no saqué mucho (provecho) del curso
    • benefit to sb/sth
    • the improvements will be of great benefit to the public las mejoras serán muy beneficiosas para el público / beneficiarán mucho al público
    • a change will be of benefit to you un cambio te resultará beneficioso / provechoso
    • to give sb the benefit of the doubt darle a algn el beneficio de la duda
    • Woodward is talking with the benefit of experience - not just from his time in coaching, but also from many years as a businessman.
    • Emily Barr wrote a dark, funny novel called Backpack that, with the benefit of Chick Lit packaging, gained huge sales.
    • With the benefit of that information in front of her, she confirmed that there was nothing to worry about in the story the previous week.
    • Bishop Foley took an early lead with the benefit of a strong breeze but Gaelscoil battled hard throughout and never gave up.
    • Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, he said he was surprised that he didn't see anything wrong with the practice at the time.
    • Or was there a better solution out there, one that we can now see with the benefit of having hindsight?
    • Maybe 10 years from now, with the benefit of better science, we'll decide it was all a false alarm.
    • Every other facility can only be enjoyed with the benefit of good health.
    • Another approach is to examine the area thoroughly, with the benefit of informative and informed opinion.
    • A win in their very first Division One match is a fine achievement, even if it was with the benefit of a vociferous and passionate home crowd.
    • With the benefit of clear thinking the men on the field and the mentors on the line conjured, then executed, an unlikely escape plan.
    • It said the referee had done his best and it was easy with the benefit of sophisticated video technology and hindsight to criticise him.
    • With the benefit of hindsight, it wasn't the best thing to do.
    • Here is the chance to enjoy ancient geology with the benefit of modern organisation.
    • With the benefit of the elements in the first half, the Leitrim girls made a great start with three points in the first three minutes.
    • With the benefit of watching the incident on TV, he was able to reach a different interpretation of my actions than he had done in real time.
    • But the report also recognises that its recommendations were made ‘with the benefit of hindsight’.
    • Even a year after the fact, and with the benefit of the best of Western scientific advice, it was still a scene of chaos.
    • Today, with the benefit of an enormous word-searchable database of court opinions, we can do better.
    • There are many things we would do differently and handle differently with the benefit of hindsight.
    • They could very easily put together a benefit gig and raise the money Moo lost.
    • Oakley gave benefits to raise money for these causes, and helped more than 20 young women through college and nursing school.
    • The calendar of events commences this Friday night with a benefit concert for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
    • One of their most recent performances on a larger scale was at the Olympia Theatre in a benefit concert for the Children's Hospital.
    • Many of the gallery artists who wanted to help with the charity benefit donated artwork for the auction.
    • Rather than attend another benefit gig or charity exhibition, begin at home by doing something practical.
    • He also has a ‘Heart of Gold’ performing many benefit shows yearly for charity.
    • They already raise funds through benefit gigs in the town and sponsors but are now inviting people to become Friends of the Festival.
    • Before going to Tanzania, Xia will be throwing a benefit concert to raise funds in the third week of April.
    • It was a benefit to raise money for those with multiple sclerosis.
    • Steven and I spent most of the day at a charity benefit for one of his co-worker's husband.
    • The last time he had seen her all dressed up was over three years ago, it had been for a charity benefit.
    • And the cricket world, with its benefit years, charity quizzes and galas, is quite good at rattling buckets.
    • Henry and his band went on a world tour and released a benefit CD to raise money for these three men, one of whom is on death row.
    • Canadian singer Celine Dion sings on Friday at a benefit concert called Quebec / New York in Montreal.
    • His daughter presents a one-off tribute to her dad in a benefit gig for multiple-sclerosis charities.
    • The Red Cross also organized a Beijing benefit concert with Chinese pop singers on Thursday to raise more money for tsunami relief.
    • We see each other at charity benefits mostly, and things like this.
    • The benefit concert was the idea of Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis, a dairy farmer.
    • An independent record store must sell to the Music Town chain unless its wacky employees can raise enough money through a benefit gig.
  • 2

    • 2.1(payment from state)

      prestación feminine
      they are not entitled to any benefits no tienen derecho a recibir prestaciones de ningún tipo
      • he's on unemployment benefits / benefit recibe subsidio de desempleo
      • Refugee mothers don't even get the milk tokens that mothers on benefit are entitled to.
      • If you have a low income you may be entitled to means-tested benefits which could top up your income.
      • In return for more expensive food, urban workers received social welfare benefits and public works in periods of depression.
      • It includes both wages and employer contributions for benefits and social insurance.
      • Full funding for our courses can be provided for people receiving various social welfare payments or benefits.
      • The workers have not received work benefits and incentive payments agreed to over 12 months ago.
      • The law provides for private workers to receive pension benefits at retirement like government servants.
      • As both were unemployed and receiving benefits, they were entitled to recover their travel expenses.
      • If you are on benefit or have a low income you should check to see if you are entitled to any housing benefit.
      • Residents who claim housing and council tax benefits will soon receive a letter telling them about the scheme and how to sign up to it.
      • The workers are demanding an expansion and prompt payment of welfare benefits to the unemployed.
      • For longer sick leaves, they received benefits from the Social Insurance Institution.
      • Deputy Ministers are also entitled to supplementary retirement benefits.
      • Many people do not redeem them and therefore do not receive the benefits they are entitled to.
      • There was a tendency to regard grant aid as being similar to social welfare benefits and payments.
      • This situation in particular refers to people who receive social welfare benefits and old age pension recipients.
      • They may also, independently of that, receive social security benefits to meet their needs for lost income, or to meet extra care needs.
      • The workers are demanding increases to wages and pension benefits, having received none since 1997.
      • Accordingly, a person who has been granted entry clearance as the spouse of a refugee is entitled to receive such welfare benefits as other immigrants.
      • Firstly, you should ensure that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to in your new circumstances.

    • 2.2(perk)

      beneficio (extrasalarial) masculine
      ventaja (extrasalarial) feminine

  • 3

    (concert, performance) beneficio masculine
    (concert, performance) función benéfica feminine
    (performance/concert/game) (before noun) con fines benéficos

    partido con fines benéficos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mankind/person/health) beneficiar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    how will we benefit? ¿de qué manera nos vamos a beneficiar?
    • to benefit from sth
    • he didn't benefit much from the experience no sacó mucho (provecho) de la experiencia
    • you will all benefit from the change todos se van a beneficiar con el cambio