Translation of besmear in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈsmɪr//bɪˈsmɪə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to besmear sth with sth embadurnar algo de algo
    • A few of his followers remained with him as he came forward along the way on horseback, the way was besmeared with much blood of men and horses.
    • The grand stone buildings with the engraved inlays and elegantly dressed people shared the same street as the dirt besmeared street urchins who dodged in and out of the traffic.
    • And let us bathe our hands in blood up to the elbows, and besmear our swords.
    • All of them had their clothes torn or besmeared with mud.
    • Occasionally they were besmeared with fat, possibly to give them a bright appearance.