Translation of best boy in Spanish:

best boy

ayudante del electricista, n.



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    ayudante del electricista feminine
    • In order to eat, they had to hang out with gaffers and best boys!
    • They brought the best out of everyone on their staff, from the actors to the cinematographers to even the best boy (who makes a small cameo in one of the bar scenes).
    • It took five minutes for the names of all the actors, producers, editors, gaffers, grips, best boys, dialect coaches, wig makers and steelworkers to crawl by.
    • And I've served as his grip and best boy on three trips to New Hampshire for generally cold, snowy, and memorably enlightening liaisons between editorial writers and presidential candidates.
    • I was forced to sit there, turtle's head straining against my pants as the names of the best boy, gaffer and second unit catering assistance rolled oh-so-slowly up the screen.
    • The boom guy doesn't criticize the best boy; the assistant director doesn't call in sick.
    • Some DV films are made with no soundman, no lighting expert and none of the other odd-jobbers (key grip, best boy, assistant gaffer) who show up in the closing credits of big productions.
    • Saw technician fiddling with electronic gear/asked if grip or electrician's best boy.
    • And not just extras, gaffers and best boys either; she's apparently done this to several of her costars.
    • While hardly as obscure a job title as key grip or best boy, it's safe to say that most people wouldn't know exactly what being a director of photography involves.
    • And now he's got a movie camera, casting director, best boy, and a cast of people more than willing to help him.
    • And he didn't say ‘It was in 1927 that the great man introduced me to a remarkable man called [insert name of actor, director, cameraman, lighting engineer, best boy, gaffer, boy who holds the gaffer tape]’.