Translation of betel in Spanish:


betel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbidl//ˈbiːt(ə)l/


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    betel masculine
    • Sitting next to the temple's outer wall, she sold tobacco, sirih pinang (traditional chewing paste consisting of betel leaves, areca nut, lime and gambier) and candies to Yundana.
    • Paan: small pieces of areca nut are mixed with several other ingredients, sometimes including tobacco, wrapped in a betel leaf and chewed
    • Dinner had been served earlier, and the actor had stripped to a sarong and shirt, fixed himself some betel leaf, and was settling in to watch the television news.
    • Traditionally the men dance in circles around the women, who give the men betel to chew as they dance, but Hainuwele gives the people valuable gifts - coral, jewels, gongs, porcelain, and other things, all made from her excrement.
    • In Turkey rose petals are boiled in water to flavour loucoum, and in India they are put into a heavy syrup to make gulkand, a rose-petal preserve which is used with betel leaf for cutting bitter aftertastes and refreshing the mouth.
    • Do not miss the signature Lalot appetizer of betel leaf and beef, a world of wonders in two bites.
    • Dr. Krishnaswamy said external application of herbs or applying betel leaf over the baby's stomach when it suffered from colic could bring some relief.
    • Even older women who chew betel regularly make a point of how little tobacco they use within the quid, and cautioned other chewers of the strength of the tobacco.
    • The culture of eating paan or betel leaf is believed to exist in India since the 3rd century A.D. Boxes for storing these were made of different materials and in various shapes and sizes.
    • Toraja carve decorations on large bamboo tubes used for carrying palm wine or rice, and people in eastern Indonesia decorate small bamboo tubes that carry lime used in betel chewing.
    • Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and having a poor diet are important risk factors in the West, and chewing betel or areca nuts, smoking bidis, and taking snuff are important in the Indian subcontinent.
    • It is a treat to watch a veteran betel chewer go about the serious business of betel chewing.
    • Allusion is to the custom of chewing betel leaves with catechu on such occasions of which the juice reddens the lips.
    • As we admire rows of pineapples, betel leaves and birds-eye chillies, I look up and realise that we are under tall coconut palms laden with nuts.
    • Yellow colour is extracted from turmeric, red from betel leaves, blue from Nilmoni fruit, black from burnt coconut shell soot.
    • On the other hand, a high frequency of p53 protein overexpression was reported in premalignant and malignant oral lesions of Indian patients who were heavy consumers of betel, areca nut and tobacco.
    • Chewing the areca nut or betel leaf - this is a common practice among certain cultural groups such as those with Bangledeshi heritage.
    • Women sell everything from tomatoes, chillies and betel to clay coffee roasters and straw sleeping mats.
    • Muthassi was in the other room, seated on a mat, laughing as she recounted amusing anecdotes, while Muthassan, seated on the cot, stretched out his right hand for betel leaves.
    • Placed over all these containers is a large tray… in which raw betel leaves are placed, wrapped in a damp cloth…
    • Sometimes, betel leaves are also chewed along with the nuts.
    • It tastes like betel leaf, I suppose, but it goes down easily, like a glamorous form of baby porridge shipped in from the kitchens of old Ceylon.
    • The concoction which goes by the name of paan comprises betel leaves and a blend of aromatic substances which vary according to the type of paan.