Translation of better in Spanish:


mejor, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈbɛdər//ˈbɛtə/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (quality/method/price/doctor) mejor
      his tennis is better now ahora juega mejor al tenis
      • he's better at playing the guitar than at singing toca la guitarra mejor de lo que canta
      • fruit's much better for you than candy la fruta es mucho más sana que los caramelos
      • I've got an even better idea tengo una idea aún mejor
      • things couldn't be better todo va de maravilla
      • I'll just take these shoes off … ah, that's better me voy a quitar los zapatos … ¡uf … qué alivio!
      • what do you think of the wine? — I've tasted better ¿qué te parece el vino? — los he probado mejores
      • to get better mejorar
      • her playing gets better and better cada vez toca mejor
      • the bigger/quicker the better cuanto más grande/rápido mejor
      • the less said about it the better cuanto menos se hable del tema mejor
      • the garden looks all the better for the rain la lluvia le ha venido bien al jardín
      • if they can both come, so much the better si pueden venir los dos, mucho / tanto mejor
      • I feel none the better for knowing that she has failed as well no es ningún consuelo saber que ella tampoco lo ha logrado
      • she's little better than a thief es poco menos que una ladrona
      • she's no better than a thief es una ladrona, ni más ni menos
      • have you got nothing better to do than … ? ¿no tienes nada mejor que hacer que … ?
      • he's moved on to better things since then desde entonces se ha superado mucho
      • to be better than one's word cumplir con creces lo prometido
      • to go one better
      • I can go one better: I'll give you interest-free credit yo puedo hacerle una oferta aún mejor: le doy crédito sin interés
      • not content with that, she decided to go one better no satisfecha con eso, decidió ir aún más lejos
      • he always has to go one better than everyone else siempre tiene que ser más que nadie
      • There has never been a better time for singles to take advantage of their solo status.
      • The runner up came from a long way back and should be seen to better advantage over an extended trip.
      • The high street is getting better at delivering good, fashionable styles and is great for an instant trend hit.
      • The movement that has always been best at spontaneity is going to have to become better at synthesis.
      • Swindon is getting better at recycling but is still not good enough.
      • Every girl has something on her mind that she wishes she were better at, or did less or more of.
      • In actual fact we'll get better at doing all this stuff in future years, right?
      • As usual, expect me to steal many of Marcia's links, because she's much better at finding them than I am.
      • It's better to go on to Bloworth Crossing, my favourite junction on the moors.
      • Both the winner and the runner-up will be seen to better advantage over a longer trip.
      • Will he also explain how a fair tax burden delivers appropriate and better public services?
      • We have the potential to be heard better, so we should take advantage of this.
      • I can't skip rope worth a damn, so this is one of the first things they're way better at than I am.
      • Get someone else to do it preferably someone who is better at it than you are.
      • Blood is better at killing bacteria than muscle, so addicts who insist on injecting are being told to hit a vein instead.
      • Unfortunately he's better at Playstation than I am, so I don't think I won anything.
      • So you have the better advantage of learning a new art form and keeping in good shape.
      • Instead, his flight team altered his projected route to take advantage of better winds.
      • Apparently it's better to be in favour of marriage than to be against outrageous idiocy.
      • I think in these past five years, Mike and I have gotten much better at setting up grooves.
      • I'll give it more thought, and try to present you with a better argument for the advantages.
      • Do you think it is better to be tall or short?
      • Darling's HOV lane is typical of a government better at style than substance.
      • Such rates will be relied on, however, only where no better guide is appropriate or available.
      • So I thought it would be better to wait a little longer and have an appropriate time to do it.
      • For the future, there has to be a better way of approving major municipal borrowing decisions.
      • So we are getting better at it, but when someone comes after you, you have to go back at them.
      • Is it better to turn my computer off when I am not using it or leave it on all the time?
      • We are getting better at being variety conscious, and supermarkets must display the variety at point of sale.
      • Now they defiantly had a bigger advantage, and a better chance of winning.
      • It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.
      • Kim wasn't there, but luckily we're getting better at managing problems on our own.
      • Ever a favourite of mine, her eyeshadows have never been better.
      • It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
      • Now does that mean we all can't be a little better at what we do or be a little more responsible?
      • Smaller, lighter cars are much better at taking evasive action and are therefore much less likely to crash at all.
      • They need to be more focused and the Irish are getting better at it, she says.
      • Maybe Microsoft just happens to be truly better at security than Linux?
      • What better time to take advantage of the tranquility and beauty of Siam Country Club!
      • My message is that hostility can be turned to our advantage if we're better, smarter, wiser at the end of the season.

    • 1.2(more suitable, desirable)

      (plan/suggestion/date) mejor
      it would be better to go by plane sería mucho mejor ir en avión
      • the matter is better forgotten lo mejor será olvidar el asunto

  • 2

    (recovered from illness)
    to be better estar mejor
    • I'm better again ya estoy mejor
    • it took him months to get better tardó meses en mejorarse / recuperarse
    • I am/feel much better than I was estoy/me siento mucho mejor (que antes)


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    she swims better than I do / than me nada mejor que yo
    • we get on better than we used to nos llevamos mejor que antes
    • you can have it for five dollars: I can't do better than that, can I? te lo dejo en cinco libras; más no me puedes pedir ¿no?
    • I can see better from here desde aquí veo mejor
    • we'd've done better to wait hubiera sido mejor esperar
    • they did better out of the deal than they admit salieron mejor parados con el acuerdo de lo que pretenden
    • no one was better liked than he was nadie era tan querido como él
    • he thinks he knows better (se) cree que sabe más
    • at the last moment he thought better of it and … a último momento cambió de idea / lo pensó mejor y …
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    had better
    • hadn't you better phone them? ¿no deberías llamarlos?
    • I'd better leave before it gets dark va a ser mejor que me vaya antes de que oscurezca
    • well, I'd better be off bueno, me tengo que ir
    • you'd better do exactly as I say más te vale hacer exactamente lo que yo te diga
    • you'd better not complain! ¡más te vale no quejarte!
    • you'd better believe it! ¡como lo oyes!
  • 3US

    it cost me better than $100 to repair me costó más de 100 dólares arreglarlo


  • 1

    (superior of two)
    the better el mejor
    • he is the better of the two brothers at swimming de los dos hermanos es el que mejor nada
    • for the better para bien
    • he's changed — and for the better! ha cambiado — ¡y para bien!
    • things took a turn for the better las cosas dieron un giro positivo
    • to get the better of sb/sth ganarle la batalla a algn/algo
    • my curiosity got the better of me la curiosidad fue más fuerte que yo / pudo más que yo
  • 2

    (masculine plural) superiores
    his elders and betters sus mayores
  • 3

    apostador masculine
    apostadora feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (conditions/lot) mejorar
    (chances) aumentar
    to better oneself superarse
  • 2

    (score/record) mejorar
    (record/score) superar