Translation of biannual in Spanish:


semestral, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbaɪˈænj(u)əl//bʌɪˈanjʊəl/


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    (twice a year)
    (report) semestral
    (event/festival) que se celebra dos veces al año
    • The biannual tour has grown from a six-city grassroots event to an award-winning 20-city, three-month tour.
    • Currently, the only publicly funded showcase for local talent at the festival is the British Council's biannual event, to which it invites 250 international talent scouts.
    • I need to get my biannual haircut, which is several months overdue…
    • And of course, the biannual IT fair had some of the latest gadgets on stands.
    • It's a controversial message in light of everything we've heard for the last several years, but women appear to now have a choice between physical exams and annual or biannual mammograms.
    • Now she helps to organise the biannual International Debutante Ball, which donates money to several causes, including servicemen's charities.
    • A subscription to this handsome biannual magazine is just $15.
    • Last year a national search for new songwriting talent began in preparation for Scotland's first festival of song, a biannual project to promote, encourage and nurture songwriting in Scotland.
    • Internationally the sport has a biannual European as well as World Championships at senior men's and women's and at U - 21 level for juniors.
    • The fire forum itself has had a chequered history and does not attract many members of the public to its biannual meetings.
    • Now based in London, he was organizing a biannual meeting of his senior team.
    • Rising stock prices and low interest rates have reduced financing costs for consumers and businesses, the chairman said in his biannual monetary report to Congress.
    • More of those products will be unveiled at this week's show in Berlin, a biannual event that is one of Europe's biggest consumer-electronics trade fairs.
    • The biannual Information Security survey last year showed that 82% of UK companies with internet links still had no protection.
    • We've been working on the play for four or five years now with the script having emerged from our biannual new work festival.
    • Their biannual art competition and exhibition was lauded.
    • At the 45th biannual meeting, such exclusivity agreements were discussed.
    • The club holds various regional events, and members are happy to share knowledge - especially through a superb biannual journal and programme of study days.
    • But during the course of the biannual check-up, a discovery was made that would change Anne's life.
    • He began as a chairman of the round table in 1998, going to biannual meetings in Paris.
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