Translation of biennial in Spanish:


bienal, adj.

Pronunciation: /baɪˈɛniəl//bʌɪˈɛnɪəl/


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    (every two years)
    • Established in 1998, this biennial exhibition award honors Tremaine, a life-long collector of contemporary art, who formed the foundation prior to her 1987 death.
    • But it was far less than previous years when the biennial gala featured as many as 500 silent auction items.
    • One of the reasons for holding the biennial exhibition is to raise funds through the sale of works by renowned artists to support Women's Crisis Centers in the country.
    • Last month, the society held its third biennial conference in Washington, D.C.
    • The girls were in Belgium for a week for the biennial championships and took part in a series of friendly relays and events as well as the main races.
    • The biennial exhibition in Venice has an obligation to test the present, to challenge it, says the director of this year's massive event.
    • Fifteen contemporary artists working in the realm of public art were selected by a jury to create site-specific sculptures for this third biennial exhibition.
    • Approximately 2,400 individuals are randomly selected from each senior year cohort for biennial follow-up via mailed questionnaires.
    • Always a lively forum for esthetic debate and value judgments, the Museum's biennial exhibition surveys the latest trends in American art.
    • As a featured artist in the Museum's biennial exhibition this month, he has reason to smile.
    • Cosmopolitan Johannesburg has a thriving art scene with a number of its top artists making names for themselves at international biennial exhibitions.
    • It continues to promote major biennial exhibitions, featuring both Brazilian and international contemporary art.
    • It's understandable that speculation ran high as to what kind of biennial exhibition he would assemble.
    • It is only seven months until the country's biennial ratings are released for national garden cities.
    • While building his huge mansion in New York City, he loaned paintings from his collection to the museum, and in 1907 he provided prize money for the museum's first biennial exhibition.
    • This biennial festival took place in late June, beginning in 1961 and ran for 28 years.
    • The biennial showpiece underlines Aberdeen as a significant energy capital and as a centre of excellence for such technology.
    • Dedicated art-world globetrotters will have to plan their biennial jaunts wisely this year.
    • In one cohort women undergo biennial screening over 10 years and in the other cohort they do not.
    • Since then, her roughly biennial exhibitions of paintings have been one of the not-so-guilty pleasures of the art world.
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    • Gramoxone should not be used for control of perennial or biennial weeds, legumes, or cool-season grasses.
    • In this and many other annual and biennial species, bolting is the earliest manifestation of the transition to reproduction.
    • For example, during the second year of their biennial life cycle, sprouting red beet plants require the mobilization of vacuolar sucrose from the underground hypocotyl.
    • Roundup can be used if thistles, Johnsongrass, or other perennial or biennial weeds are present in the small grain stubble.
    • Lettuce is an annual or perhaps a biennial herb and as such is by far the most popular edible herb in Ireland.


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    planta bienal feminine
    planta bianual feminine
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    bienal feminine