Translation of big in Spanish:


grande, adj.

Pronunciation /bɪɡ//bɪɡ/

adjectivebigger, biggest

  • 1

    • 1.1(in size)

      a big garden un jardín grande
      • I need a bigger size necesito una talla más grande
      • these shoes are too big for me estos zapatos me quedan grandes
      • her big, blue eyes sus grandes ojos azules
      • how big is the table? ¿cómo es de grande / qué tamaño tiene la mesa?
      • a big girl (large) una chica grandota
      • I had to present Michael with a great big sabre to cut the cake - we had a real laugh with it.
      • The brand is a well made children's line, which is cut on the big size for plenty of wear.
      • Watching the top downhillers, you are struck by their size: they tend to be big, muscular and solid.
      • All the tests have proved negative but the sample size is not big enough to draw any firm conclusions.
      • A big cut back in the number of council vans which we see all over the town would save a large amount of money.
      • Soon, Casper began cutting the material with big scissors, and pinning them on Freya.
      • His game looked very pretty but he was a tall, spindly youth who simply could not cut it with the big, tough lads in his age group.
      • He said, you'll have to take a big cut in salary and you'll have to start at the bottom.
      • If your lawn is too big to cut without a rider, set aside a portion of your lawn for a push mower.
      • Replacing council tax with a fair local tax would mean big tax cuts for ordinary families.
      • Police are hunting the thieves, who cut a big hole in the fence to get to the aluminium.
      • He's been politically committed and has taken big cuts in his salary to make these kinds of films.
      • Within a few minutes the men cut down two big branches from the tree.
      • The first cave is down by the grass, a big outcrop of rock cut below to an arched tunnel with a chimney through the top.
      • The club has also provided uniforms for staff and held a big party for the children to celebrate the announcement of the grant.
      • We kept going as we knew we were close to the finish but we cut a big corner towards the finish and broke the windscreen.
      • Using a biscuit or scone cutter, cut out rounds as big or as little as you like.
      • A big cut in the dividend is inevitable, further undermining the case for holding the shares.
      • We are a very small organisation and we are not staffed up to handle big surges in communication.
      • They cut the big organic pasture next door yesterday, carting the hay away to be dried safely elsewhere.

    • 1.2(powerful)

      (engine/bomb) potente
      • His father, he realises now, was a big influence on him becoming a comic.
      • Growing up in the environment he did played a very big part in influencing his direction.
      • Michael, a young American poet, was a big influence on me at that time.
      • My father was a footballer, having played for Shelbourne and Bohemians, and was a big influence on me.
      • This in turn will have a very big influence on the prospects for partnership in the future.
      • The monsoon has played a big role in reducing the passage time to the country.
      • Colin readily admits that he was a big political influence in his teenage years.
      • He was quick to point out that nurture plays a big role, not just our genes.
      • He was a big influence during his time at the Crown Ground and it's thanks to him in many ways that we've got where we are today.
      • We go over each game together and of course Wayne has been a big influence.
      • Because of the greater variability in the consumers, research plays a big role.
      • And of course our family relationships are likely to play a big role in shaping ourselves.
      • Jazz has been a big influence on your life yet it is usually perceived as being music for the middle-classes.
      • Anyone with kids knows what a big influence the culture is on our kids and our future.
      • I have to say that John Lennon was a really big influence, I think a lot of people found inspiration in his music.
      • Over a short period, changes in gut fill can have a big influence on the recorded liveweight gain.
      • Big plans are now in the pipeline to open it up again soon and it will once again play a big role in town as work is completed.
      • Certainly Davis has been a big influence on it, for his philosophy as much as for those jazz influences.
      • The element plays a big role, but you don't usually have much control over that.
      • Of course, he is too good a player and too big an influence not to be missed.

    • 1.3(in scale, intensity)

      a big explosion/flood una gran explosión/inundación
      • a big hug/kiss un abrazote/besote
      • a big success/effort un gran éxito/esfuerzo
      • She had big travelling plans happening in less than a month and assumed she wouldn't see him again.
      • For once, they are the big spenders, with the big ambitions and better players.
      • I hope they don't have any big plans to try and make me into a pop star or something.
      • It is apparent that this young girl has big dreams and she is doing whatever she can to make them reality.
      • But Debbie may not have much spare time for long because she has big plans for the future.
      • Since then the pair have been inseparable and were looking forward to their big day, planned for this July.
      • How might a small software company with big ambitions draw vast amounts of free advertising press coverage?
      • Now these small islands are at the centre of a big plan to bring bring back luxury tourism.
      • It is a black and white film about a teenaged girl with big dreams of becoming an actress.
      • Although his dad has big ambitions for him, financial constraints are a problem.
      • While the project has barely begun, Thomas already has big plans for the course.
      • But his big long term plan is to switch to a pay per mile system of distance charging.
      • "We have big plans for nuclear energy," he said at a joint briefing.
      • If you were planning a big spend, particularly for household assets, go for it now.
      • Plans for the big day have been plagued by problems ever since it was announced two weeks ago.
      • These are complemented by a mix of bars and lounges where entertainment comes on a big scale or in intimate surroundings.
      • The children helped plan the big occasion and chose who the happy couple were to be.
      • Its ambition was to create big films that could make an impact on the US market.
      • He knows he is joining a big club with big ambitions and those ambitions match his own.
      • But we are certainly not going to be giving up big assets which we have really big plans for.

  • 2

    • 2.1(major)

      a big industrialist un gran / importante industrial
      • Acme Corp is our biggest customer Acme Corp es nuestro cliente más importante
      • He doesn't wield any real power as long as the committee gets to make the big decisions.
      • It was a big mistake, but the things I learned from it made it a big mistake rather than a big failure.
      • Oblivious to the signs and portents that he's making a very big mistake, he takes the job.
      • With the easy wisdom of perfect hindsight, the big mistake is obvious.
      • That was my big mistake and I paid the price for ignoring similar advice.
      • Elections are not about issues, but for choosing which people we trust to make the big decisions on our behalf.
      • They thought their jobs were secure enough to make the big decision to buy a house.
      • Ministers undoubtedly made big mistakes in the handling of the crisis.
      • A teenager who says a support group saved her from a life of crime has warned it would be a big mistake to let it close.
      • It was a big decision to donate my kidney, but it wasn't a problem in the end.
      • Let us hope for a speedy solution to our transfer dealings and one where the big decisions made are for the good of the club on the pitch.
      • The touchstone of a great captain and team management is the ability to make big decisions.
      • What would life be like without all the anxieties and pitfalls of big decisions?
      • I'm very aware of what a big decision it is, but it's not the right time.
      • Anyone who runs a business but doesn't have a clear idea of how they will sell it or float it is making a big mistake.
      • Calling for strike action, even now they have called off the first four planned days of action, may turn out to be a big mistake.
      • This was a big mistake and he always regretted the decision to give the plane to the museum.
      • And do discuss it fully with your family before going ahead, as it is a very big decision.
      • Some of the things you do are common sense, but you could make a big mistake if you didn't know what you were doing.
      • She got it wrong on the restart, a little mistake but big consequences for everybody else.

    • 2.2(great)

      I'm a big fan of his soy un gran admirador suyo
      • he's a big eater come mucho
      • he's a big investor in Kuwait invierte mucho en Kuwait
      • to be big on sth ser entusiasta / fanático de algo

    • 2.3informal

      you big thickhead! ¡pedazo de estúpido! informal
      • don't be such a big spoilsport! ¡no seas tan aguafiestas!

  • 3

    (significant, serious)
    a big decision una gran decisión
    • it was a big mistake fue un gran / grave error
    • this is his big day hoy es su gran día
    • there's a big difference hay una gran diferencia
    • the big question now is … el quid del asunto / de la cuestión ahora es …
    • big reductions! ¡grandes rebajas!
  • 4

    (older, grown up)
    don't cry: you're a big boy/girl now no llores, ya eres un niño/una niña grande
    • my big brother mi hermano mayor
    • Every day, we would nag my big sister Nadia to find out when our mother was going to come and fetch us.
    • Little sisters are doing it for themselves, with a helping hand from their big sisters.
    • Not only that but I also know that as his big sister he does respect my opinions on some level so he gets quite hurt.
    • “When I’m big, I’ll be a chiropractor, too,” he told that man, who he would encounter again during his first year of studies.
    • Then our big sisters said it was time to go and see Santa when I was still throwing snowballs.
    • “Now quit crying and be a big boy. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
    • Jamie hopes to reach dizzy heights just like big sister Amanda.
    • He continued to read the newspaper and I continued to worry about my big sister.
    • With her big sister, Stephanie, who is also an accomplished violinist, she grew up in the region.
    • She warned him again, "Jason, remember that mommy thinks you're a big boy now."
    • She is going to be a nurse like her big sister, Margaret, who is nursing locally.
    • Since your big sister is away, this could be a good time for you and your mom to get closer.
    • The only bad thing was that he couldn't share his happiness with anyone but his big sister.
    • My big brother and I were running toward the riverbank.
    • She had lots of friends, but she clung on to her big sister Samantha, who she idolised.
    • Like my big sister, I've a gift of time, but no idea what to do with it.
    • Still and silent, he didn't look like my big brother, who was always there to protect me.
    • She knew Mommy was busy, so she decided to be a big girl and take a bath all by herself.
    • She used to work for me and was very good at taking care of me like a big sister.
    • If she gets in the way, it's unfortunate, but she's a big girl, she knows the score.
    • Next to him sat my big sister and my mom, both staring at me, waiting for my reaction.
    • So, I told her that she is a big girl, that she has a phone number and if she wants to organise a party she can do it herself.
    • I can say this because Anvar is a big girl now and a very successful journalist.
    • I should be surprised if he were not big enough and mature enough to handle it.
    • If he can cast my big sister out, he wouldn't think twice about casting me out.
    • So there you go, my big sister, at the age of 37 has finally found someone she wants to settle down with.
    • Anastasia just smiled, loving the fact that she was being called a big girl and a baby at the same time.
    • Our dad nodded again and left the room as quickly as he had entered, leaving me alone with my big sister again.
    • When I'm big, I'll be a policeman.
    • Mama scolded me for crying, because I was a big girl, not a baby to cry like little Hope.
    • The big girls and boys, who were already five, were allowed to bring me up and show it to me.
    • "You're a big boy. I'm going to make you a very big boy's present," she told him. "Big boys drive fire engines."
    • The school didn't have a uniform and like a big girl I spent forever trying to figure out what to wear.
    • The little boy frowned and then he seemed to notice that his big sister was not alone in her room.
    • Prepping her for this, we talked to her encouraging her that when she turned 3 she would be a big girl and would sleep in her big girl bed.
    • Anyway, she wanted to be a big girl and to prove her parents how independent she could be.
  • 5

    (magnanimous, generous)
    it was big of her fue muy generoso de su parte
    • he's too big to take offense no se va a ofender, está por encima de esas cosas
    • that's big of you! ¡qué generoso eres!
    • I appreciate that and that was big of you to come in here and apologize" Michelle said as Maryse nodded and headed out with a smirk.
    • It was big of you to come out and say that you actually saw a Sunday matinee when it was still in theaters.
    • Regardless, I thought that was big of him to take the responsibility.
    • That he’s allowed this sensitive information to be included in an episode of his own show is very big of him, ironically.
    • I think it was very, very big of him to come after being asked to step down.
    • That was mighty big of him, and he made sure I realized it.
    • That was very big of you to admit your faults.
    • I also think that it is very "big" of you to be calm and take care of the situations and even laugh about them later.
    • Alex, that's very big of you to admit you were wrong.
    • That's very big of him considering the full extent of what he learned a short time later.
  • 6

    big talk fanfarronada feminine
  • 7informal

    (prominent, popular)
    she's really big in Europe es muy conocida / famosa en Europa



  • 1

    to think big planear las cosas a lo grande
  • 2

    to act big fanfarronear
    • to talk big darse importancia / ínfulas
  • 3

    (on a large scale)
    farmers are spending big on heavy machinery los agricultores están invirtiendo mucho en maquinaria pesada
    • they began drilling in the hope of hitting it big empezaron a perforar con la esperanza de dar con yacimientos importantes