Translation of big wheel in Spanish:

big wheel

pez gordo, n.


  • 1informal

    (important person)
    pez gordo masculine informal
    • Guerrerro is a politician - he's a big wheel in the Log Cabin Republicans - and talked like one, for good and for ill.
    • His father, Frank, Sr., was a big, confident man with an endless social life, a big wheel in local Republican politics.
    • Adams is a big wheel in the parent group of Deloitte & Touche, heading up four areas of business with 3500 people reporting to him on an international basis.
    • And if you're smart enough to make sense of it all, and work out a strategy, you could become a very big wheel indeed.
  • 2British

    (in amusement park)
    rueda gigante feminine
    rueda de la fortuna feminine Mexico
    rueda de Chicago feminine Colombia Chile
    noria feminine Spain
    vuelta al mundo feminine Argentina
    • But World Tourist Attractions boss Elliott Hall said the company had not been put off bringing a big wheel to York.
    • The man behind plans to bring a big wheel to a York riverside park said his company might take the idea elsewhere if it was rejected by councillors today.
    • Or there was the year I arranged to meet friends at the big wheel only to discover there wasn't one.
    • The proposal to bring a big wheel to the city has generated a great deal of interest from residents and visitors, but it may be helpful to correct some misconceptions.
    • Hopes of bringing a big wheel to York this summer were today on a knife-edge as the man behind the venture admitted: ‘Time is running out.’
    • Free food and booze, fantastic views of all of London; Tower bridge, The Tate Modern, St Paul's Cathedral and the big wheel thing at Waterloo.
    • All the talk of a big wheel coming to York this summer reminds me of the time a young mum took her five-year-old son on the big wheel at the fairground.
    • They had a carousel, a big wheel, children's rides, a big TV screen showing national events, a youth swing band, a calypso and skiffle band, a brass band and a dance exhibition and classes to learn the jitterbug, jive and skiffle.
    • Mr Hall said he understood that shops in the vicinity of a big wheel erected for four months in Manchester by WTA had enjoyed a boost to trade, and were now pressing to get it back.
    • As planners prepare to decide on the future of a proposed big wheel for York, Stephen Lewis takes a spin on the Birmingham Eye.
    • BBC GMR presenter Heather Stott has promised to tackle her fear of heights by riding on the big wheel in Manchester's Exchange Square, with listeners phoning in to sponsor her.
    • It would deal with the geese, offer a more intriguing tourist attraction than a big wheel and it might deter underage drinking in the skateboard park, too.
    • We really enjoyed a trip on the big wheel there, and I can strongly recommend the experience to your readers.
    • Salesman Darren decided only the big wheel would do for the big question a month ago, when he bought the engagement ring.
    • Mr Irvine says he got a letter from Leeds Council informing him of the German Market - but there was no mention of the big wheel, which is scheduled to run until December 21.
    • Does anybody else feel that the appropriate place for a big wheel is in a fairground rather than a modern shopping centre trying to improve its image?
    • They whooped on the big wheel and crashed into each other on the dodgems.
    • … although Willow scared me more by insisting on going on the big wheel, I sat and watched her go on with Benj and Kira, it was scary seeing her so high up!
    • Across the heaving waters, none of the sounds of Blackpool penetrate; but the long front, the tower and the big wheel are outlined against the darkness by a thousand lights.
    • A complete lack of foresight has resulted in WTA now shelving plans for their big wheel, at least for this year.