Translation of bikeway in Spanish:


carril de bicicletas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪkweɪ//ˈbaɪkweɪ/



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    carril de bicicletas masculine
    ciclovía feminine Latin America
    • The drawing included a lake, parkland, retail outlets, a middle school and housing that would serve as a gateway to upriver trails and bikeways.
    • Nearly a score of public bus lines already serve the neighborhood, while greenway trails connect to hundreds of miles of regional bikeways.
    • The bikeway made its way through the exquisitely beautiful western country-side of Fish Creek, range lands, poplar and trees.
    • In Bogota, capital of Colombia, people are encouraged to use non-automobile modes of transport; 120 bikeways have been provided and another 180 planned.
    • In Amsterdam, vehicle access is colour coded, with bikeways being marked by red bricks.
    • However, there was a change of policy in New Hampshire in the early 1990s, when an integrated package of mobility options was introduced to include buses, railroads, bikeways and pedestrian pathways.
    • The challenge is to redesign communities, making public transportation the centerpiece of urban transport and augmenting it with sidewalks, jogging trails and bikeways.
    • Improved bikeways would create access to more than forty miles of dirt trails and may eventually be a segue into the future creation of singletrack trails.
    • The plan also calls for the transformation of Hydro corridors and abandoned railway lines into bikeways.
    • While it's true that the centrepiece of the city's bike plan is the bikeway network, the plan is about much more than implementing bike routes across the city.
    • Most cities now have bustling pedestrian zones, and bikeways crisscross even the most crowded metropolises.
    • Linking 3,729 miles of trafficless trails, paths, and paved bikeways, the route circles the North Sea and passes through eight countries: Scotland, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.
    • Cr Lutz said the council was investigating its options with the bikeway, but was currently working on other bike paths.
    • The law applies to public streets and bikeways; many private skate parks already require helmets.
    • Paul Revere Park in Charlestown has seven miles of bikeways; sailing lessons are offered from Piers Park in East Boston; and for healthy air and water, head to Carson Beach in South Boston, one of the area's cleanest beaches.
    • Bring along bicycles, because the road's bikeways are known as some of the best cycling trails in the country.
    • Beginning after the Second World War, for every guilder that was spent on highways, a few pfennigs went to building bikeways.
    • Among NPA accomplishments from the past term in office are the creation of a network of new bikeways, greenways, and seawalls and the development of 136 acres of new parks and 166,000 square feet of new community centre space.
    • They'd have quickly found perhaps the daftest bikeway in Britain.
    • And there's more to come: a new bikeway and an ambitious plan to open up a broad lawn in front of early 19th-century Castle Clinton, and in partnership with the National Parks Service a plan to revitalize Castle Clinton itself.