Translation of bilge in Spanish:


pantoque, n.

Pronunciation /bɪldʒ//bɪldʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1Nautical
      (part of hull)

      pantoque masculine
      • Waste from the ship's bilges is pumped into holding tanks, then run through separators to remove water from the oil.
      • We can find it in collection holding tanks, salt water lines, bilges, void spaces, and storage tanks.
      • It's the same in the bilges and engine room, the chain locker, the staterooms, bridge and captain's quarters, just mounds of slimy, grey-green mud.
      • So those two junior guys who might be cleaning bilges on a bigger ship are an integral part of this ARG.
      • They aren't just cleaning bilges and swabbing decks.
      • Federal regulations do not address tank installations in bilges of boats, nor must tank materials be tested for corrosion resistance.
      • The cause of Sunday's fire was traced to an electrical fault in the bilges of the vessel.
      • However one insider told the Sunday Herald that at the time of the initial leak, coolant was already leaking ‘by the bathtub’ with dozens of litres of irradiated water escaping into the bilges.
      • However, water in the bilges, moving between the inner and outer skins as the ship rolled, did create a small amount of air movement in the lower deck cabins.
      • He overlooks the damage caused by the relatively small amounts of oil discharged when ships empty their bilges at sea, particularly in the North-West Atlantic.
      • But ripping yarns of undersea adventure failed to describe stinking bilges and hideous, overflowing buckets of garbage or worse.
      • Gasoline in the bilge is extremely dangerous as staring the engine can cause an explosion or fire.
      • The same device was also used to pump water out of the bilges of ships.
      • Miller, the Happy Feet consultant, says tens of thousands of penguins die every year from oil pollution that may occur when ships clean out their bilges.
      • The engine is low in the bilge yet there is excellent access for routine maintenance.
      • The crabs are among a range of animals - including European green crab and Asian kelp - that have been bought to British shores in ships' bilges and are considered to constitute one of the world's most serious environmental problems.
      • Salt water and wet bilges will expedite the deterioration, although 10-15 years is a reasonable life expectancy.
      • Millions of small oil spills, primarily from ships cleaning their bilges, go unreported and undetected each year.
      • It just shows however that you might have to be more protective of the waters that go in and out of the bilges of ships as they come in and out of your harbours.
      • Blaming their own ignorance, they recount how in the past they would pump oil overboard or let oil collect in their boat's bilges.

    • 1.2bilges plural

      the bilges la sentina

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (with masculine article in the singular) agua de pantoque feminine
      before noun bilge water (with masculine article in the singular) agua de pantoque feminine
      • bilge pump bomba de achique

    • 2.2British informal (nonsense)

      paparruchas feminine informal
      • Eagle-eyed readers have spotted that this post is complete bilge.
      • This is ignored, and he remarks bitterly, in what is probably the best Charters and Caldicott line ever, ‘Waste of time, having all this bilge in the passport!’
      • As a regular visitor to Edinburgh, residing at my club in the city, I was horrified by the contents of this anti-French bilge in your newspaper.
      • Which makes me wonder - are we turning into a country with no need for newspapers, or are we just turned off by their miserable diet of meanness, lightened with bilge about ever-less famous celebrities?
      • I contemplated not responding to this sickening bilge, but I realised your attitudes are most likely based in your lack of coherent thought patterns and an ignorance of history.
      • I don't want to force myself to listen to bilge just in order to find some merit in it.
      • I can't believe there is someone getting around calling himself Reverend espousing such vile bilge.
      • In other words, bah, humbug, I'm the 37,000th person to give this poorly-made bilge free publicity!
      • A proto-sampling record you may say but I bought a copy for 10p and it is bilge.
      • Not for her the kind of soporific bilge spouted by too many of her peers.
      • Certainly, reading such bilge is the only time I feel like voting for them.
      • Never mind that it was complete and utter bilge.
      • And I say alas because the stuff aired in the morning is bilge and drivel - I fear the day Gnat is interested in this stuff, because it's incredibly boring.
      • Most English speakers would, whilst stifling an urge to vomit at such bilge, recognise the reference to the two meanings of the word ‘bulb’.
      • Sat around for an hour one night watching an episode of this bilge thinking ‘y'know, he reminds me of someone’.
      • I did manage to salvage quite a few of the ideas but tossed about 40,000 words of total bilge.
      • They share a penchant for sticking their snouts up the backside of tyrants and then spewing verbal bilge.
      • Whatever you said while wearing it would sound like bilge.
      • I can barely remember reading such unutterable bilge as his effort today.
      • I am by no means a pop music fan but in the run-up to Christmas it seems the army of plebs who buy this bilge lose any last remnant of taste and self-respect they ever had.