Translation of billboard in Spanish:


cartelera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪlbɔrd//ˈbɪlbɔːd/



  • 1

    cartelera feminine
    valla (publicitaria) feminine
    • The exhibition took the form of outdoor billboards and a series of postcards.
    • From the distance of the other side of the road it looks just like a regular advertisement on a billboard.
    • I seem to remember reading about a Government plan to allow advertising billboards in rural areas.
    • National wants to take advantage of their billboard campaign and good recent poll results.
    • The one crane I saw in the streets of Baghdad was hoisting an advertising billboard.
    • About a fifth of the billboards in St Louis displayed tobacco advertising.
    • There are no electricity pylons to spoil the countryside, no roadside billboards.
    • He paid for advertising on billboards and in newspapers, the commissioning of opinion polls and a leaflet campaign.
    • Costly advertising on websites has been withdrawn and money spent on billboards and radio advertisements instead.
    • We pass a billboard that usually advertises clothes in packs of three or lean Sunday hams or children's bicycles.
    • Her stern face glowers down on them from buses, billboards and magazine advertisements.
    • The charity is launching a hard-hitting campaign on billboards in Manchester.
    • Stickers have also been printed with the same content as the billboard advertisements.
    • Derelict and disused buildings are favourite targets, as are billboards, road signs and bus stops.
    • Forth's current marketing activity is based on billboards and bus advertisements.
    • Fifteen were chosen to be displayed as huge billboards on city-owned buildings around the city.
    • Officials have already opted to make more use of radio advertising, billboards and local newspapers.
    • Adverts for outdoor pop concerts are plastered across billboards.
    • The incredibly convoluted response would need a billboard, not a placard, for presentation.
    • The cartoon featured a confused looking gent looking at a billboard advertising a horror film.