Translation of billhook in Spanish:


podadera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪlhʊk//ˈbɪlˌhʊk/


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    podadera feminine
    • With many happy memories of his days with the council, one that Paddy distinctly remembers was: ‘One day this woman pulled up in a big car while I was up the Cut Road with a billhook.’
    • There every boat is crewed, the men armed with billhooks spear the fish and pull them thrashing from the water, as the Mattanza continues the sea turns red with blood.
    • The mattresses and walls were covered in blood and the murder weapon, a bloodstained hedging billhook, lay abandoned.
    • The billhook missed its target and hit a car on the road causing minor damage.
    • They are attacking each other with billhooks and shotguns.
    • Since then residents have reported seeing children running around with a billhook a small scythe and using saws to cut down trees at the nearby Seven Fields Nature Reserve.
    • The English soldiers waded into the chaos armed with hatchets and billhooks and, backed up by their own small cavalry and the threat of their longbows, succeeded in dispersing the whole French army.
    • The man used instruments including a crowbar and something resembling a billhook to smash in the front of the machine.
    • Which traditional mat weaver will substitute the billhook and knife, especially when even the National Bamboo Mission puts his average daily income at a meagre Rs.30 a day?
    • ‘Early in the morning of the 3rd of August, 1854, Rawiri and a party of his followers went out with billhooks to cut a line for the purpose of marking the boundaries of a piece of land they intended to sell to the Europeans,’ writes Wells.
    • It must also be remembered that billhooks, slashers, chains, pick-handles and many other kind of weapons were used and often caused serious injury.