Translation of binomial in Spanish:


binomio, n.

Pronunciation /bʌɪˈnəʊmɪəl//baɪˈnoʊmiəl/


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    binomio masculine
    • It says ‘factor as the product of linear binomials or write prime.’
    • For the dispersal of the binomial in the polynomial gives rise to a number of minor difficulties.
    • Foil, First-Outer-Inner-Last, refers to the distributive property for multiplying two binomials.
    • There are many other forgeries in the paper to do with primes, Catalan numbers, binomial and trinomial numbers, mixing some genuine examples with the forgeries.
    • Al-Khwarizmi's concept of algebra can now be grasped with greater precision: it concerns the theory of linear and quadratic equations with a single unknown, and the elementary arithmetic of relative binomials and trinomials.…


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