Translation of bint in Spanish:


tipa, n.

Pronunciation /bɪnt//bɪnt/


slang, offensive

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    tipa feminine derogatory informal
    gachís feminine Spain slang
    mina feminine Southern Cone slang
    torta feminine Mexico slang
    • He knows what a pathetic bint I can be at times and, as such, is probably trying to protect himself from tear-stained phone calls.
    • No prizes for spotting my finger, but see if you can spot the annoying bint standing in the way of a sign explaining what was going on in one of the pictures.
    • As we waited at an intersection I wondered whether or not three days of marriage was long enough for me to spew forth my first I Told You So, and did I really want to establish myself as a nagging bint so early in the game?
    • So because my brain is really in holiday mode and I'm just rolling my arm over creating a new poll, you daft bints who make new years resolutions can vote in the 2005 resolutions poll.
    • I'm a tough sort of bint that doesn't generally blub at this kind of thing.
    • She's a silly bint for being so confrontational and not being able to back it up though.
    • We arrived in Exeter at and retrieved the keys from the bints at the letting agency, drove to Silverton and arrived at the lovely, lovely cottage.
    • I loved finally knowing this, just as I love the once-every-five-years moment in The Archers when the wronged spouse finds out what we knew all along, about what her husband and the Irish bint have been up to behind the woodshed.
    • I confess that the fine art of cooking has been eluding me for quite some time, mainly on the basis that I am a lazy bint and Viv is generally amenable to cooking.
    • Yet if anyone's living a fantasy it's this cheeky bint.
    • I may be a lairy bint but underneath it all, I'm still British.
    • Yup, that's right, some posh bint threw herself under the King's horse in, like, 1872 or something.
    • Am I supposed to have a rant about the stupid bint in Starbucks this morning who overcharged me by entering entirely the wrong product on the till?
    • It's edited by the same bint who sometimes comments in these threads.
    • He is a bit 1980s and the assumption will be that when Nettles shuffles into frame, an 80s bint with gravity defying shoulders will not be far behind.
    • In moments of panic, I am a totally useless bint.
    • An overheard conversation in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, featuring a PR bint talking about her recent honeymoon.
    • I was petrified that the silly bint would release the final book next year (as she has confirmed), with me still waiting for the fifth and sixth films to come out.
    • It's all better than the show with the 5 posh advertising bints who are catty at each other in order to win a pointless facsimile of a boring man in marketing simply because he is loaded.
    • Half-time nonsense ‘Can you please change the pictures of the two bints at the side,’ begs David Forbes.