Translation of bird of paradise in Spanish:

bird of paradise

ave del Paraíso, n.

nounPlural birds of paradise

  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) ave del Paraíso feminine
    • You can get your fill of toucans, hornbills, crowned pigeons, green pigeons (which are beautifully coloured), birds of paradise, parrots et al, but really it is not so different from any modern conventional zoo.
    • Held at each corner by representatives from the armed forces, Papua New Guinea's vibrant bird of paradise flag was raised as Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, addressed the nation.
    • Several birds of paradise flew across from tree to tree, watched on by colourful howler monkeys and marmosets.
    • Tour by car to enjoy the island scenery; Visit the Japanese cave which was the Japanese Army base during WWII; Explore the virgin rainforest to observe unique fauna especially the mystical bird of paradise; Shop in the city of Biak.
    • Many photographs are spectacular, not only those of birds of paradise (where both major photographers excel), but also those of shy and retiring species that are difficult to see, much less photograph.
    • Customs officials opened his suitcase and a bird of paradise flew out but that was nothing compared to what they found in his pants - a pair of pygmy monkeys.
    • They come in dull little books, not illustrated folios; the evidence for them is more likely to be found in clay than gemstone, in finches not birds of paradise.
    • A bird of paradise streaked overhead, its vivid red plumage zipping past in a blur.
    • He has several tattoos including a bird of paradise and the word ‘Steve’ on his left arm and the words ‘Dagger, born to lose’ on his right arm.
    • These are not the compendia of an acknowledged expert's life work, such as Short on woodpeckers or, more recently in the Oxford Press series, the wonderful syntheses by Kemp on hornbills, or Frith and Beehler on birds of paradise.
    • You watch that housewife hit the bird of paradise on the first try!
    • The upper triangle is red with a yellow bird of paradise; the lower triangle is black with five white stars representing the Southern Cross.
    • The cameras shed light on the floor of the deepest darkest jungle to reveal the courtship dance of a bird of paradise, and enable viewers to follow animals hunting and roaming for miles, where cameras could never hope to follow them before.
    • He has done fieldwork in South America and central Africa and conducted long-term studies of birds of paradise in New Guinea.
    • He made almost all the birds of paradise, monkeys, horses, and the felines.
    • Protobirds such as Confuciusornis had the same kind of feathers as modern birds; some specimens even display long tail feathers reminiscent of tropic birds and birds of paradise.
    • In reality, where males have decorative features, such as the birds of paradise and the peafowl, it is clear that every aesthetic feature contains a very high degree of aesthetic merit.
    • Its core was a presentation of valuables - pearl shells, bird of paradise plumage, and pigs - from the man's family to the family of the intended bride.
    • In her own claims to be above the desires which drive her admirer, Nisa provides the image of the bird of paradise which was believed never to need to land or feed.
    • A 1990 report, for example, said Archbold's bowerbirds decorate with plumes from a bird of paradise species that molts only two of the big feathers a year.