Translation of birdseed in Spanish:


alpiste, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərdˌsid//ˈbəːdsiːd/


  • 1

    alpiste masculine
    • Peanut butter mixed with birdseed makes for a great bait.
    • I spent an hour or two scraping and repainting, then filled the feeder with birdseed, hung it near the shed, and watched to see who would take the bait.
    • I figured the arboretum didn't want birdseed growing all over the place so I used shelled sunflower mixes in the feeders.
    • He shipped to a U.S. customer a 20-ton load of birdseed that included hemp seed in the mix.
    • Oh, and while you're there, if you also get a chance to fill Jimmy Carr's pockets with birdseed and take him down the vulture display at the zoo, we'd appreciate that, too.
    • I'd like to see the bird that can eat twenty pounds of birdseed, but nevertheless, I have twenty pounds of the stuff.
    • Council chiefs said there had been complaints that the birds were noisy and that birdseed might attract rats.
    • Then, I decided to put some mixed birdseed into the shoebox, just in case the bird woke up while it was waiting to be treated down at the vet.
    • The trees are budding, and the birds love our back garden because we keep feeding them with peanuts and birdseed.
    • They take a bit of getting used too - they're like big bean bags (very heavy!) that smell of birdseed.
    • She grows me some of my birdseed and helps me in the kitchen when I put up food.
    • Insect-eating birds go for suet and peanut butter; seed eaters prefer sunflower seeds, millet and mixed birdseed.
    • Feeding birds commercial birdseed helps them through harsh winter conditions, but it's no substitute for improving backyard habitat.
    • However, the bird has uncanny precision when it comes to eating mixed birdseed.
    • After natural foods like berries and seeds have run out, birds rely on birdseed and feeders.
    • ‘Watch,’ I bravely put my arm round Tiffany's waist and whirled us around with the bag of opened birdseed.
    • Not all birdseed is created equal, and not all birds like all birdseed.
    • Secondly, it's not birdseed they're giving them.
    • They were fed 50 ml of commercial birdseed and two commercial rodent chow blocks once a week.
    • A wonderful array of birds used to stop by for birdseed.