Translation of birthplace in Spanish:


lugar de nacimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərθˌpleɪs//ˈbəːθpleɪs/


  • 1

    (of person)
    lugar de nacimiento masculine
    • The town represents the birthplace and final resting place of the the regiment's founder, Brigadier Luke Lillingston.
    • Israeli forces now control most of this ancient town, the birthplace of Christ.
    • There is currently a proposal to build a dumping facility on the site of her birthplace in Killala.
    • Literary geographies precisely located the birthplaces and work spaces of the great.
    • It was a visit to Patiala, the birthplace of his mother that sowed the seeds for this video in Ahmad's mind.
    • She renamed her the Takapuna - ‘after my birthplace, a beachside city in New Zealand’.
    • Each chapter illuminates a different area of the city and includes facts on birthplaces, burial places, sites with a literary connection, restaurants and pubs, literary museum exhibits, etc.
    • A city businessmen returns to his birthplace for his teacher father's funeral.
    • The countryside idyll of my Cheshire birthplace is, sadly, the most boring place on earth.
    • I love Mumbai, but Hyderabad is my birthplace, the place where I spent the most beautiful half of my life.
    • We then drove to the 10-acre site that is the birthplace of Richard Millhouse Nixon.
    • This is my birthplace and a city in which I have spent my most formative years.
    • The town is the birthplace of Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations.
    • Their reverence reaches its zenith here at the birthplace of the country's founder.
    • He regards his birthplace as a place continually thirsty for new style icons.
    • Just beyond the far end of Reform Street lies the birthplace of Kirriemuir's most famous son, JM Barrie.
    • Martha left her mother in Montreal for her birthplace, second home and current home, New York City.
    • Maybe I just want to show my young wife the house where I was born, and go with her to her birthplace.
    • By then, a third commemorative plaque will have also been put in place on his birthplace in Norwood Road.
    • He was born, after all, in Old Dominion, the birthplace of so many of our great national figures.
  • 2

    (of movement, fashion, idea)
    cuna feminine
    • It is a pleasure to be here in the birthplace of this country.
    • The lake was the cradle of Andean civilisation and remains enduringly known as the birthplace of the Inca empire.
    • This land is a birthplace of ancient civilization, split between feuding faiths.
    • It's long been abandoned, but many here still revere this place as the birthplace of the faith.
    • Soon the gene banks in Mexico, birthplace of the original corn varieties, may also be contaminated.
    • The Wright Brothers were born in Ohio, hence Ohio is the birthplace of aviation.
    • However, the balance of power could well shift full circle to Asia, the original birthplace of the game.
    • The local community is campaigning for a museum to commemorate the district as the historic birthplace of the famous car.
    • Magazines and journals are the birthplace, proving ground and launching pad of ideas.
    • You may or may not have noticed, but the games of the 28th Olympiad are taking place in its birthplace of Athens.
    • This wonderful area is the birthplace of agriculture, alphabet, numbers and the wheel, and it is no barren desert.
    • In addition, Fuzhou Road was the birthplace of Shanghai's southern school of Peking opera.
    • Texas is considered by many to be the birthplace of the American ranching industry.
    • Our last night on the road is spent in Tulln, known as the birthplace and the first capital of Austria.
    • It does nothing to burnish the city's proud heritage as the birthplace of American freedoms.
    • It will be a disappointment to the people of the county town, known as the birthplace of radio, as it had been hoped the collection would remain there.
    • It was William Kent's pioneering work in the 1730s that gives Chiswick its claim as one of the birthplaces of the English landscape garden.
    • Having said that, bargains aren't very familiar here in the birthplace of capitalism.
    • The grounds are seen by many as the birthplace of the English landscape movement.
    • This work was badly needed on a road that leads to one of the most scenic areas in the parish and was the birthplace of many legends.