Translation of bitchy in Spanish:


malicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪtʃi//ˈbɪtʃi/

adjectivebitchier, bitchiest


  • 1

    (remark) malicioso
    (remark) insidioso
    (remark) de mala leche Spain informal
    you're so bitchy! ¡qué malo / malvado eres!
    • she was really bitchy about her friend habló pestes de su amiga
    • And and, I love the way you continue being bitchy and real, even when people shoot you down.
    • This movie has it all - the dorky sidekick, bitchy cheerleaders and an amiable working class.
    • They are greedy too, and ask for extra mints, so I have become bitchy and tell them they don't deserve mints.
    • I had a rehearsal and band meeting and was quite pushy and critical (maybe a bit too bitchy towards Ian).
    • Funny thing, I wasn't all that bitchy or bitter in that conversation, compared to others.
    • Most of the women I like are capable of great feats of bitchy behaviour.
    • Get set for the most miserable, petty, bitchy and nasty few weeks you've ever experienced.
    • Kim's ears were almost on fire as she heard the vicious, bitchy whispers around her.
    • I'm so bitter and bitchy, I can't even be bothered to pun on that last sentence.
    • This is a bitchy business but he never had a nasty word to say about anyone.
    • Most of all, he learns that women reckon he's cute but self-satisfied, and we learn that women are bitchy and neurotic.
    • If you do want to judge someone else, then just do it and be a bitch about it because judging others is kind of bitchy.
    • I didn't know whether to make a bitchy remark about the large bruise on his forehead.
    • I'm also not surprised that Uncle Phil was always so bitchy, if the first thing he had to do when Will arrived was pay for a nearly two day cab ride.
    • And most of the time there is genuine cooperation between the sectors, albeit with a lot of bitchy backbiting.
    • I don't want to sound bitchy; there's nothing wrong with her at all, but she is very seventeen.
    • I'd rather stay my cynical, sarcastic, socially retarded, bitchy, liberal and satirist self.
    • A series of bitchy comments sent poor George into a massive sulk and he posted a message to say why he would be closing the forum.
    • Having been surrounded by females my entire life I know a lot more catty bitchy violent women than I do men.
    • However, the sentences she chooses show her to be a shallow, bitchy snob.