Translation of bite in Spanish:


morder, v.

Pronunciation /baɪt//bʌɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (dog/person) morder
    (bug/flea) picar
    she/I won't bite you! ¡no te va/voy a morder! humorous
    • to bite one's nails comerse / morderse las uñas
    • the dog bit his finger off el perro le arrancó el dedo de un mordisco / de un tarascón / de una tarascada
    • what's biting you? ¿qué mosca te ha picado?
    • to bite off more than one can chew tratar de abarcar más de lo que se puede
    • you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew mira que quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta
    • once bitten, twice shy el gato escaldado del agua fría huye
    • He seemed to eat the liquid as though it were meat, biting it and chewing, then swallowing.
    • Never put rocks in the feed trough to slow down a greedy eater as this could cause a fracture tooth if the horse bites a rock.
    • If I emerge from the next week or so without being bitten by any spiders lurking in my mess, I'll start posting more frequently again.
    • She blushed after realizing how foolish she must look and chewed what she had before biting another piece.
    • He was a great student, especially after he had his leg amputated from being bitten by a snake in Africa on holiday.
    • One officer suffered minor injuries after being bitten on the hand.
    • She had a history of contact with both dogs and cats; however, she did not recall being bitten or scratched.
    • He also specifies the height at which the seven photographs of a baby biting its toes in his Croque Mort single installation must be hung.
    • When you've been bitten by a snake, you're leery of a lizard.
    • As she lay unconscious, part of her nose, her mouth and chin were bitten off by her Labrador-cross dog, Tania.
    • She tried to weed the garden but got bitten by a spider.
    • Paul and his father had been very close for years until that day at the beach when a shark had bitten off Paul's leg.
    • In a string of three separate incidents in July, four Scouts and two adult campers were scratched and bitten at New Mexico's Philmont Scout Ranch by black bears starving due to drought.
    • Absently biting my pen, I silently read over what I'd just written.
    • The pedigree puppy, which cost $800, is believed to have been bitten by a spider, and has a rash around her neck.
    • Patients with cat scratch disease are likely to own a cat aged 12 months or younger, to have been scratched or bitten by a kitten, and to have at least one kitten infested with fleas.
    • Data from the East Kalimantan health office shows there were at least 11 cases of residents bitten by dogs recorded between July and August.
    • Both apparently got bitten by snakes while fleeing through the sand dunes at Pearly Beach last month, and died.
    • I'm sitting here in social studies biting my pencil like a hamster.
    • Tope are mainly fish eaters, hunting small whiting, cod, mackerel and flatfish which they chase down and disable by biting chunks out of the fish.
    • Two months later, one of Rachel's new front teeth ‘sheared off’ as she was biting a slice of bread.
    • He learns that there are times when it is right to bite a man.
    • They learned about the various types of snake, what snakes were sacred to which gods, and how to treat people who were bitten by snakes.
    • We gave no thought to snakes although any one of us could have been bitten at least a dozen times as we sauntered through the bramble.
    • He had been bitten by a spider in Brazil, which probably lowered his immunity, and further tests showed that he was HIV positive.
    • You lose a couple of teeth trying to bite it open and then you are forced to admit your food will just have to remain unspiced.
    • A British woman whose arm was bitten off by a lion when she reached through the bars of an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Spain was last night recovering from emergency surgery.
    • I got bitten by another spider last night while I was asleep.
    • Cat-scratch disease is an infection that occurs after your child was scratched or bitten by a cat.
    • Then the bear bit his leg, sinking a tooth all the way to the femur bone.
    • Consumers can't wait to bite into them because the little extra cooking required to finish them off makes for a better-tasting bagel.
    • It has led, among other things, to his being bitten by a snake and several times by scorpions.
    • The next time your all set to bite into a succulent Fish, think Yana Gupta.
    • My first horse was a little pinto pony named King, and he did from everything from chase us around and bite us to carry us down the road on his back in carts.
    • People like him have never been rammed by a stolen vehicle, never been bitten and scratched by an injecting heroin addict, never had to confront a man armed with a gun or knife.
    • A puppy, illegally imported from Morocco last month, is reported to have bitten at least nine people in the Gironde, Dordogne and Garonne regions of France before it died.
    • Well, they're not crunchy sort of teeth, they're not the sort of teeth for biting some animal with great big bones, so we suspect that they are mostly fish feeders.
    • He repeated the advice that the only members of the general public who might be at risk from the infection are those who handle bats or who have been bitten or scratched by them.
    • The female mosquitoes become the bloodsuckers, and they use their long proboscis to bite other animals and feed on their blood.
    • During the chase Dirawong was bitten on the head by the snake who, when Dirawong had stopped to eat herbs, coiled itself around in the river and formed Snake Island.
    • My hope is that a consumer, when they bite into them, will combine their personal memory with that peach.
    • If sharks bite to figure out the nature of various objects, then why do they usually spit out people rather than adding them to the menu?
    • A local hunter put the dog down but it was thought to have bitten at least 12 children and adults.
    • The idea was shelved when the foxes kept biting their handlers and eventually chewed through their enclosures and escaped.
    • Once bitten by a snake you feel suspicious even when you see a piece of rope.
    • The sun is more dangerous too so inevitably some people got sunburned or got sunstroke; others were bitten by strange insects - there were lots of bugs!
    • People who have been bitten by a snake are afraid of garden hoses at first glance.
    • The most important role played by the snake charmers is in treating people who have been bitten by snakes.
    • You can see from another photo the tail missing from one of the seatrout, due to it being bitten off by a seal or a small whale.
    • The bloke driving said he remembers somebody there biting a man on the arm resulting in getting his teeth knocked out to prevent it happening again.
    • The Krait bite is much less obvious and it is very difficult for people to know that they have been bitten at all.
    • All over the world, people come in with wounds and think they've been bitten by a spider.
    • Quite simply, there will be a history of having been bitten or scratched by the family moggy, and the inoculation site will drain into the affected lymph glands.
    • She looked at him, biting a piece of the pop tart off.
    • William sustained serious head and body injuries and Chang was bitten on his arms.
    • It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.
    • A desperate dad who had a fox shot after it allegedly bit his baby is pleading with an animal rights activist to leave his family alone.
    • She told me that, without any warning, the cat had jumped on her, scratched her, and bitten her in the right arm.
    • My friends at the BBC report that a man was taken to hospital after being bitten by a spider going about its business in the banana section at Sainsbury's.
    • Raine glanced up, biting another piece of his French toast.
  • 2

    • 2.1(grip)

      (tires/brakes) agarrar
      • With a gasp, Guiromélans lands on the blades, feeling their edges bite into the soles of his boots.
      • Once in the shelter of the bay, the skipping engine bites deeper into the calmer waters, and the ship picks up speed.
      • Start slow with this drill - you want to feel the edge biting into the snow and you want to feel controlled.
      • The chewed-up area of the frame at this point will not provide a good surface for the new strike plate screws to bite into.
      • We practise sliding downhill with skis at 90 degrees to the fall line, edges biting deep.
      • The truck shuddered as the rear wheels spun wildly on the asphalt, then leapt forwards as the tires bit into the road.
      • He had an old, discoloured ball, just the sort that's ready to grip and bite, in his hand.
      • Studded tyres, usually needed to bite through the ice and snow, were never used.
      • The technique to going quick in one of these jiggers is to leave the braking as late as possible, and enter the corner under brakes, so that the front tyres are biting.
      • First he got the saw to bite into it one way and then another so he could make a sort of divot.
      • Then like a conventional skewer you spin the small end till she starts to bite, nip the lever down and you've got a solid under carriage, no tools!
      • Our tools bit like the teeth of shark, as net after net was left shredded at our feet.

    • 2.2

      (saw/file/screw) agarrar en
      (file/saw/screw) calar en

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (dog/person) morder
    (mosquito) picar
    (wind/frost) cortar
    (acid) corroer
    to bite into sth hincarle el diente a algo
    • to bite on sth morder algo
    • the wire bit into his wrists el alambre se le clavó en las muñecas
  • 2

    (take bait)
    (fish) picar
  • 3

    (brakes/tires) agarrarse
  • 4

    (saw/file/screw) agarrar
    (saw/file/screw) calar
    to bite into sth hincarle el diente a algo
  • 5

    (recession/law) hacerse sentir
    the cutbacks are beginning to bite los recortes están empezando a hacerse sentir


  • 1

    (act) mordisco masculine
    (fierce) tarascón masculine
    (fierce) tarascada feminine
    to give sth a bite darle / pegarle un mordisco a algo
    • take a bite of this prueba esto
    • to have / get two bites at the cherry tener una segunda oportunidad
    • she's already had one bite at the job and failed ya lo ha intentado una vez y ha fracasado
    • (blackmail sb) put the bite on sb coimear a algn
  • 2

    (from insect) picadura feminine
    (from dog, snake) mordedura feminine
  • 3

    (in fishing)
    he didn't get a single bite no le picó ningún pez
  • 4informal

    bocado masculine
    to have a bite (to eat) comer algo
  • 5

    (of flavor)
    lo fuerte
  • 6

    (of wind, frost)
    lo cortante
    lo penetrante
  • 7

    mordacidad feminine
    the play lacks bite la obra carece de mordacidad