Translation of bitterness in Spanish:


amargor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪtənəs//ˈbɪdərnəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of taste)

      amargor masculine
      • A beer in which neither the sweetness of the malt nor the bitterness of the hops predominates.
      • The Chaudron Ale Quebecoise is a clear straw color with a very light pale malt flavor with pronounced hop bitterness.
      • However, supertasters may also snub vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, because they can detect a slight bitterness in their flavor as well.

    • 1.2(of weather)

      inclemencia feminine
      dureza feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(of disappointment, defeat)

      amargura feminine
      • Haman was an individual who allowed a slight to build up inside him until he was eaten up with anger, revenge, and bitterness.
      • Chaber also knew how to transform his vulnerability into gratitude, to avoid conveying an impression of bitterness.
      • Sarah won huge admiration in Ireland for her quiet dignity and refusal to feel bitterness.
      • Dr Abdullah felt that the current moment provided the best opportunity for wiping out the bitterness of the past.
      • The farmers, likewise, are relieved that the conflict has not moved to court, which would have kept alive a bitterness.
      • Despite this calamity they managed to recount their story without any bitterness on the pilgrim walk.
      • That night of July 18, 1914, the immortal Darcy seemed to feel the bitterness of defeat less than his supporters did.
      • I may come to feel in connection with my adversary that my bitterness is or has to be directed against a person.
      • Objections causes bitterness between clubs which takes years to get over.
      • Trueman's especial tragedy was to make public the bitterness that he felt at the passing of his youth.
      • Me, I'd be curled up in a fetal position in bed, railing against the bitterness of life.
      • Yet the Browns harbour no bitterness towards Waugh over the destruction of their business.
      • The old are often surprised by the anger of the young, and the privileged jolted by the suddenly revealed bitterness of the disadvantaged.
      • That means linking up with the bitterness exploding around public sector pay.
      • Anger creates bitterness, which has great power.
      • Meanwhile the weavers' strike still continued in all its bitterness.
      • Belittling the good reasons for breastfeeding is never justified to alleviate the guilt or unresolved bitterness for not being able.
      • The bitterness of the dispute underscores what is at stake.
      • Elizabeth could see an expression of bitterness cross Constance's features.
      • Hillary is glad you are you are not holding on to bitterness, despite the financial loss.

    • 2.2(of person, state of mind)

      amargura feminine
      resentimiento masculine

    • 2.3

      (of hatred) lo implacable
      (of struggle) lo enconado