Translation of biweekly in Spanish:


quincenal, adj.

Pronunciation /baɪˈwikli//bʌɪˈwiːkli/


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    (every two weeks)
    • But I think the problem with unproven columnists is that they don't have a demonstrated ability to bring new ideas into play on a biweekly basis.
    • In addition, respondents also included 45 newspapers that published weekly or biweekly.
    • Until completion, the organisation will be given biweekly progress reports.
    • So they began biweekly strategy meetings with precinct commanders and top brass, in which all participants were required to share everything they knew.
    • Yet behind the scenes, the company chose not to pay that severance in the lump sums its employees requested, opting instead for biweekly payments.
    • Daily treatments are not more effective than weekly or biweekly treatments.
    • During the different phases, participants appear before the drug court judge weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on their phase of the treatment.
    • In 1997, Honey Lake, the Carson Lake region, and the Surprise Valley lakes were surveyed biweekly throughout the time period.
    • Follow-up procedures consisted of biweekly inquiries about the patient's clinical status, and a standardized examination every six weeks.
    • He remains alive by dint of a sympathetic doctor who secretly slips him the $96 biweekly regimen of medicine.
    • The extern maintains a procedure log, which is reviewed biweekly by the clinical educator who tracks the types of procedures the extern is participating in.
    • The 161 plants that bolted in 1986 were monitored weekly or biweekly from 12 April to 10 September for survival, flowering, and silique production.
    • Beginning in the spring of that year, the cantankerous octogenarian wrote an extended series of letters - over three hundred in all - that appeared biweekly in a local newspaper.
    • Black Box is a class that gives students the chance to write, direct, and act in the five different biweekly shows in Studio Two, which is located behind the main stage of the SFU theatre.
    • The volunteer will commit to a shift from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. either weekly or biweekly.
    • This is the case regardless of whether the employee is paid on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or other basis.
    • In 1999, the foreign ministry opened a new, modern international media center, where biweekly press conferences are held with simultaneous translation.
    • However, 33 percent had no complaints about the market, suggesting why, out of 463 consumers interviewed, 56 percent keep returning on a weekly or biweekly basis.
    • He hopes to hold biweekly meetings with the administration.
    • The paper publishes biweekly starting Aug.7 and includes fashion spreads, Agit-Prop and Out in the City.
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    (twice a week)


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    (every two weeks)
    cada dos semanas
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    (twice a week)
    dos veces por semana