Translation of black flag in Spanish:

black flag

bandera negra, n.


  • 1

    (of pirate)
    bandera negra feminine
    bandera pirata feminine
    • Could she set sail again and raise her black flag, if only in our dreams?
    • He ordered and some men began hoisting down Robert's black flag with a cutlass and it was replaced with Simon's red flag with a skull over a time glass.
    • The Pacific Northwest is likewise out - too much rain and too many cloudy days make me hoist the black flag and start looking for throats to cut.
    • She is known throughout the Royal Navy as the ‘Black Duke’ and she flies a black flag from her mainmast at all times.
    • He looked out the porthole and saw the black flag with the silver bird and daggers emblazoned on it as it had always hung since his first days on deck, so many years ago.
  • 2

    (in sailing, motor racing)
    bandera negra feminine