Translation of blacking in Spanish:


betún negro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblækɪŋ//ˈblakɪŋ/


  • 1

    betún negro masculine
    • A close examination of the ‘kit’ reveals several shoemakers' hammers, peg rasps, a blacking brush, a grooving knife, a shoe last, an awl, and an expandable boot form.
    • A blacking warehouse was an establishment manufacturing, packaging and distributing blacking, for cleaning boots and shoes.
    • He became deeply unhappy when his father was imprisoned for debt and he worked for a time in a blacking warehouse.
    • I never even got to go to school, instead spending my childhood working first in a blacking factory and later as an attendant on the Vomitron ride at Luna Park.
    • Until the 1939-45 war, Allcocks coated their reels with some sort of blacking that looked wonderfully used, even when it was new.
    • The blacking warehouse was the last house on the left-hand side of the way, at old Hungerford-stairs.
    • Within two years, Charles was sent to work at a blacking factory in the Strand.