Translation of blacktop in Spanish:


asfalto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblaktɒp//ˈblækˌtɑp/


  • 1

    asfalto masculine
    • Their work also includes constructing a blacktop road for the village, digging a well and erecting a school.
    • She gripped the side rails of the stretcher as they moved down the blacktop path to the ambulance in the street.
    • It was almost 5 p.m. and the sun, round as an orange, shone directly into my eyes as I drove slowly along the familiar blacktop road to the airport.
    • If all goes as planned, visitors will traverse the main floor of the museum on a winding ‘road’ whose surface will change from dirt to brick to blacktop, depending on the era.
    • Except for the yellow lines and the blacktop pavement, one might imagine that someone standing where I was standing saw much the same thing several hundred years ago.
    • The blacktop biking path had a few more cracks from frost heaves than it had last time I was here, but the trail was still livable.
    • He climbed it and was stopped short when he saw the size of the crowd on the blacktop roof.
    • As he ran Danny tripped and fell on the blacktop road.
    • It was a small court with two baskets, cracked blacktop, and a fence that was practically falling down.
    • When reporters were at the orphanage, people were being hired to lay blacktop.
    • We are now moving into the final stages of the scheme and around a third of the blacktop surfacing has already been laid.
    • Several years ago, maybe three, I had my driveway and parking area covered with new blacktop.
    • A scooter careened into Derek, sending him flying across the blacktop road.
    • Our blacktop roofing and paving have essentially the same effect.
    • I bounced up over the hood and ricocheted off the windshield, skidding to a stunned halt across the blacktop pavement.
    • A small lip marks the seam between the concrete and blacktop.
    • For potholes or wide cracks, shovel packaged blacktop into a well-cleaned hole and then use an iron rake to level large patches.
    • If you want to become a good wedge player, practice hitting balls off blacktop or cement.
    • I didn't even know that dogs cared where they walked: blacktop, concrete, dirt, lamp post or tree, it's probably all the same to them.
    • The walkway consists of concrete for about 25 feet, then turns to blacktop.
  • 2informal

    pista feminine
    • A couple of them are very narrow, two-lane blacktops that lead into a main artery.
    • The divided highway terminates pending completion of additional construction work, and I find myself ejected onto a two-lane blacktop through a small town.
    • ‘About as remote as the likelihood of anyone else happening along this patch of blacktop anytime soon,’ she admitted.
    • The road proved to be a two-lane blacktop with the familiar yellow lines down the middle.
    • He drove slowly across the cracked blacktop, which was covered with faded, yellow parking margins.
    • Driving along the two-lane blacktops and gravel section roads, one sees huge wheat combines churning up clouds of dust.
    • If the pedal remains firmly depressed, the vehicle will stop straight and true, regardless of rainy blacktop or loose gravel.
    • Installed here and there along this remote two-lane blacktop are enormous, striking metal sculptures standing against the unsheltering sky.
    • He reached again, but I leapt backward and landed on the blacktop outside.
    • We drove for half an hour past abandoned farms and working farms and finally pulled off the two lane blacktop at a line of grain elevators.
    • The champ bounded down the blacktop with the ball, his opponent close by.
    • He knew the closest stretch of blacktop in that direction was Little Notch Road, but there were several gravel and dirt roads that led off from it.
    • She sighed softly as she watched the ribbon of blacktop speed under her.
    • It is the presence of the military and their willingness to sacrifice that give this town its sense of its own values, that it is more than just another section of sprawling, strip-malled blacktop.
    • It's a school festival where we get little booths all around the blacktop outside of our school.
    • Head north onto Route 59, which turns into a ribbon of blacktop cutting through palmetto thickets and cypress swamps.
    • The school grounds, a half-acre of fenced-in blacktop, resembled a prison yard.
    • The commercial centers on a tornado ripping through the storm-ravaged area, debris littering the blacktop as a traffic light sways in the gale.
    • She met us down on the blacktop and rode with us through the creek and up the steep, rough road to her place.
    • Basketball requires only blacktop, a hoop and a ball.

transitive verb


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