Translation of bleeder in Spanish:


tipo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbliːdə//ˈblidər/



  • 1

    tipo masculine informal
    you lucky bleeder! ¡qué potra tienes! informal
    • Like the little bleeders are going to say no, hahaha.
    • The dog has turned into a vicious little bleeder and I'm out of friends right about now.
    • Well yes, all right, he did admire the plucky little bleeder.
    • As any football manager will tell you, if you do not do what needs doing yourself, no other bleeder will do it.
    • ‘Ah just canna find where the bleeders got in,’ he grunted.
    • Romani admitted that he's a bit of bleeder and that Domi's wife got the best of him.
    • I want to see 10,000 of the little bleeders in the trench, dead, by 1700 hours at the latest.
    • This plan is basically the same format: get the little bleeders to prepare for a career as bureaucrats by writing some rules.
    • With the willing but wholly inept assistance of Mark the Squaddie, with infinite effort, the little bleeders were successfully returned to Stalag Sheep.
    • I'd say something about how I found this gig a bit disappointing, but I hear that the guy in the middle gets his mates together to beat people up who dis the bleeders on the internet.
    • Said Tough: ‘Look mate, we're not havin' all those bleeders in 'ere.’
    • I caught one of the little bleeders and took it home to show Uncle Q.
    • Nosy bleeder that I am, I looked to see what he was writing.
    • However, I was surprised to hear her response when the receptionists had shouted that it was my partner's half day and that only I was available: ‘I don't want to see that bleeder Dr Crown, he's bloody useless.’
    • 5.00 am and the bleeder starts - about 10 moos a minute by my reckoning - and doesn't stop, at all, ever.
    • Children were running berserk using the place as an adventure playground while their parents screeched, ‘Wayne and Tracy, get down off that wardrobe, you little bleeders, or I'll belt you!’
    • When he wants to be, my beloved can be a contrary, stubborn bleeder.
    • In my day, when a footballer went six feet in the air it's because he was propelled there by some sadistic bleeder of a full-back.
    • If we're running ourselves ragged catering for our children's every emotional and physical need, you'd think the ungrateful little bleeders would be living in clover.
    • If we let too many of the bleeders in 'ere, they'll all be on the first train back to London.
  • 2

    (exasperating person, thing)
    you bleeder! now look what you've done! ¡pedazo de … ! ¡mira lo que has hecho! informal
    • I can't get the bleeder to work el maldito trasto no quiere funcionar