Translation of bless in Spanish:


bendecir, v.

Pronunciation /blɛs//blɛs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (give benediction)
    may the Lord bless you que el Señor te bendiga
  • 2

    to be blessed with sth
    • we have been blessed with good health tenemos la suerte de gozar de buena salud
    • they were blessed with a son Dios los bendijo con un hijo
  • 3

    he's done all the ironing, bless him! ha planchado toda la ropa ¡qué tierno! informal
    • bless her heart, she's fallen asleep la pobrecita se ha quedado dormida
    • Jane, bless her heart, has offered to put us up la buena de Jane nos ha ofrecido alojamiento
    • bless me/my soul! ¡válgame Dios!
    • I'll be blessed if I can remember his name por nada del mundo me puedo acordar de cómo se llama
    • Mike - bless him - even pronounces my final near-translucent fillet ‘perfect!’
    • ‘God bless you!’ she said, and she waved her flag as they pulled forward through the intersection.
    • Gigi, bless her soul, went behind my back and hooked up with some other dude.
    • Dave, bless his warped soul, writes an ode to Neil Diamond that must be read to be believed.
    • ‘God bless you!’ he repeated fervently, seeing Adriana.
    • My grandfather in Uganda - bless his soul - believes the munching of fish to be a jejune activity.
    • The guy, looking around her age, lugged Tanya's suitcase down with minimal effort, and Tanya wondered why she wasn't blessed with powers like that.
    • The American command appears to be blessing this effort with a temporary pause in combat operations.
    • His performance made me wonder whether, if Leonard Henry was blessed with Devon's vocal attributes and skill, he would have succeeded in convincing me he was a better actor/singer.
    • As a lad I had a very high fitness level and it is obvious from looking at Stuart that he was blessed with the same attribute.
    • And Ford finally blesses its Jaguar brand with its first-ever diesel, now a must-have for premium-brand vehicles in diesel-ravenous Europe.
    • I didn't know then that you were blessed with such power.
    • For those innocents among you who don't know what this is (bless you!), it's a jar placed in a prominent position in the office and every time you swear you have to place money into it.
    • I suspected that the local gods, having delivered a lackluster landscape, decided to make up for it by blessing the land with colorful rivers.
    • After all, we are blessed with excellent natural attributes and could attract far more visitors to our fair city.
    • For one thing, since blessing myself with an iPod in April, I don't use a Walkman any more.
    • I never dreamt my lifestyle would clash so greatly with the people I'm, bless my soul, trying to help out.
    • It seems that Yuz Asaf blessed Afghanistan and Pakistan with his presence also.
    • Later, your mother told me that Wendell, one of the fishermen, bless his soul, had broken loose, and jumped in to save you.
    • Of course, there are always a few kids who have never heard of Crossfire, bless their innocent little souls.
    • ‘Thank you, Solace,’ said Whitiel, ‘May Domin bless you!’
    • Unless you were blessed with the power of Hercules, it's quite obvious you can't turn the ring with your bare hands.
    • ESPN, bless its Disney-controlled soul, replayed it about nineteen times a day.
    • Edwards vainly attempted a few explanations before bowing to the reality that running for president, even if you are blessed with natural political gifts, is never child's play.
    • ‘Then God bless you!’ said Faith, with the pink ribbons, ‘and may you find all well when you come back.’
    • I've grown tired of the Red Monkey Gang - bless their souls - and their slothful ways.
    • The moment I said that, a million and one things that could have happened rushed into my mind, blessing my brain with an instant overload.
    • The Screening God is one of the most important Gods as he is blessed with the power to see who is worthy of becoming a god, an angel, or thrown back down to earth.
    • The Lord blessed Tommy with many special attributes, among them a unique stubbornness, a special form of loving, confident arrogance, a quaint sense of humor and an unconditional love for all.
    • But if you can take off the idea that there's a wrong way to do it, you might be blessed with all these incredible options.
    • Donnan, bless his soul, was still in the most happy, patient of moods, nodded.
    • Then he embraced each of them in turn, saying ‘Good-bye, old man; God bless you!’
    • So Saha's lively pace, an attribute that the inconsistent Diego Forlán and Van Nistelrooy are not blessed with, would provide another dimension if United want to play the ball over the top.
    • Jesus himself had blessed her with these powers to help Christina.
    • After reading your article, ‘Robert Kerrey and the bloody legacy of Vietnam,’ I feel like shouting a hearty ‘God bless you!’
    • It's hard to squelch my butchness, but, bless my soul, I do try!
    • Eve, bless her soul, was too childlike to see this.
    • As a prince Dalen had been blessed with simple powers, powers Dalen used to do the Charmer's bidding.
    • There are four days to go, and still many shows to see; still time for the Fringe grapevine to pick up on that undiscovered gem, spread the word and bless a doughty independent company with Fringe success.
    • After the customer paid, Zak said to him, ‘Thanks, and God bless you!’
  • 4

    (marriage/wine/bread) bendecir
    • Jesus reverses roles, as God did with Abraham, becomes their host, and blesses the two disciples by his presence in word and action.
    • During one visit, according to Gurudeva, Lord Ganesha Himself appeared and blessed him at this temple.
    • When Noach regains his senses, he curses Cham and Cham's son Canaan for their disrespectful behavior, and he blesses Shem and Yefet for their kind deed.
    • However, an ivory plaque of Christ blessing Otto II and Theophano shows how the match could dignify Saxon imperial pretensions.
    • Later, this curse was reaffirmed when Isaac blessed Jacob, and once more when Balaam pronounced a prophetic blessing on Israel as a nation.
    • The priest leads the service; he asks the couple if they wish to marry, blesses them, then declares them married.
    • The priest wraps a robe around the bride and groom, symbolizing their union, and blesses them before concluding the ceremony.
    • Marco and Olive met as youngsters through their parents' friendship and, when they came of age, were blessed in marriage.
    • He blesses the newlyweds and tells the fairies to go through Athens and bless all the couples in love.
    • The Elvenking is impressed with this and he blesses the hobbit.
    • Aside from a general call to bless someone, I tried to use magic to grant a few specific people safe passage in automobiles for the rest of their lives.
    • He touched lepers, forgave sinners, blessed the poor and consorted with tax collectors.
    • On that day, children of those ages are taken to a Shinto shrine to be blessed.
    • She led them into battle where they achieved martyrdom and were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh.
    • Subsequently, family members blessed Mazal by satellite and received her blessings in return.
    • He fought anti-Semitism, hated racism, blessed the mother of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed African shot dead by New York city police.
    • Against this barren background, James blesses those who endure temptation with the following famous words.
    • On this occasion the Khanijou family took the opportunity to have a family reunion and perform religious ceremonies to bless their clients and friends and of course wish for another year of prosperity.
  • 5

    bless the Lord! ¡bendito / alabado sea el Señor!
    • Our Sages teach that as one experiences the phenomena of the new day, he should bless God for providing them.
    • A Jew should respond ‘Amen’ whenever someone blesses God, as long as this person is not reciting an improper blessing.
    • The food is there, on the table; we rejoice in its being there and bless God that it is.
    • I heard that and I kept saying to myself, when is America going to bless God?
    • He blesses the almighty and thanks him for bringing Reuven and his father to his son Danny, for he knows that they have incredible souls.
    • We give thanks and bless God for the ever-surprising grace that blesses us with gifts.
    • I bless the God who gave him to me as my father and guide.
    • My boyfriend totally accepts God's importance to me and would never prevent me from praying or going to church or doing anything else which blesses God.
    • They bore him and placed him in the third heaven in the company of angels blessing God for evermore.
    • And I bless God who crafts light and creates darkness, who will radiate a new light upon Zion, whose light pours off you to illuminate my room.
    • For I am possessed of a cat, surpassing in beauty, from whom I take occasion to bless Almighty God.
    • It seems that it is enough to bless the Goddess or the God, or to bring wine and cakes to the Sabbat, or to give up some of one's time.
    • Even they can bless God for the natural delights of this life.
    • Praise and bless my Lord, and give thanks, and serve him with great humility.
    • By blessing God and recalling all that he has done for us, we place technology in the purview of God's plan of salvation.
    • No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today, enjoy it and bless God for it.
    • Each gift must be blessed by you, hence the gods are blessed by us.
    • With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude likeness of God.
    • The Talmud teaches us that in this world we must bless God for both good and evil, but the in Future World, we will realize that there is nothing but good.
    • God doesn't exist to bless America; America exists to bless God.